Generating leads is a very important part of any business that involves sales. A lead, as you probably know, is a prospective consumer or buyer of a product or service that a business offers. Without leads, it would be difficult for a business to generate sales and possible reach its ROI. Those in the telecom […]

  So how do you convince a prospect to avail your cloud product?   We found this article and for the most part of it, it discussed how to persuade a customer in shifting into cloud accounting software. To start, one must lay down the benefits, cost effectiveness of the product as well as the whole experience. First hand experience is […]

It’s 2016 and almost everyone is on twitter now. Who else is not? Even eskimo does tweet. Twitter enables businesses to draw attention of their prospects through regular tweets, accessible information of promos and latest released products. No wonder that it has become a booming marketing platform for telecom start ups and business giants. According to Lauren Dugan, […]

Migrating to cloud is no longer an issue of choice. More so because newer software are making it easier to migrate to the cloud, so integration is less of a headache for technical teams. This year, majority of CIOs plan a cloud-first strategy for enterprise applications according to a survey done by Bitglass. However, this […]

What’s in the word “development” that many businesses tend to associate with success? Development in a more specific sense also means an act of adding and subtracting. For instance, real estate development involves the clearing up of a patch of land to make room for townhouses along with such important features as sewage systems and […]