Yes, kung-fu. Because like the ancient martial art itself, using social media requires a lot of skill and patience. To win the hearts of potential IT leads, you will have to prove your mettle by mastering the techniques in social media marketing. But it isn’t always easy. The greats (from Jackie Chan to Jet Li) […]

Consistency means the world to IT and tech firms. When they want to increase their revenue within a given year, nothing beats a highly effective IT lead generation campaign that assures a steady stream of pursuable prospects. But reality is that not many firms can create such campaigns. Recent surveys note the ever present difficulty […]

Lead generation for VOIP products and services is virtually difficult to pull off. For one, lead acquisition costs have increased over the past years as companies have become exposed to new tools and techniques. Before, telemarketing and email marketing were the two main modes for getting the attention of interested buyers. With the way things […]

IT marketers are always finding efficient ways to get nifty lists containing high-value prospects. Through these lists, vendors can source potential customers for their products and services. But always, marketers note how difficult it is to build databases presenting the best opportunities to gain revenue. A single marketing campaign is able to generate a list […]

Telemarketing is no easy task, but B2B marketers know better than to exclude it from their lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. As you might have guessed it, telemarketing continues to provide effective results for companies from various industries, particularly the IT, software and tech industry. There’s really no question as to the value of […]