The year 2014 is aptly remembered as a year of numerous business possibilities. Online trends were sprouting like mushrooms here and there; B2B customers were relying heavily on social media for purchasing solutions; and marketing automation was at its prime. And as we have gone through 2015, we see it remains. For the B2B marketer, it is important […]

There’s a constant query on how to implement an effective online marketing campaign. Now that IT and Software customers are elusive and wiser, you have to make use of all the resources. Indulging yourself to the modern marketing should be obligatory, for all we know most of IT targets are active on social media or maybe scanning on […]

In any business, competition is always lurking and inevitable but applying marketing gimmicks could capture prospects’ attention. The article below will teach you some head turning marketing maneuvers. “To buy or not to buy? – That is the question!” – Many customers ask themselves, rephrasing popular quote of Hamlet. To help your customers to make a right decision […]

This guest post originally appeared to Sales and Marketing Solutions.  When it comes down to marketing IT and software products, we in the industry know for a fact that buyers need a little more than a cleverly crafted tagline and logo to get a sales appointment from interested clients. The thing is, long-term client engagements are […]

  Peter Gasca, Entrepreneur and Startup Consultant, enumerates 10 tech companies that does far more than innovation in making the world better. A reaching hand, that is what this world needs.   In a 2014 report on the impact of millennials on company culture, researchers discovered that this new generation of business professionals entering the […]