Superheroes lead dual lives. While maintaining a day job (usually) as journalists or any other nerdy occupation, they manage to spring into action at the desperate voice of a kidnapped damsel or a cat up a tree. Just like superheroes, superstar B2B marketers have two distinct personas. Like Batman needs his billionaire, playboy, philanthropist visage […]

Making it big in your IT lead generation can be daunting. While it’s easy to draft specific goals for your organization, the hardest part is finding the right methods that strike a perfect balance in terms of quantity, quality and cost in acquiring IT sales leads. In many cases however, some marketers nod at the […]

Modern society has benefited much from innovations in the field of telecommunications and information technology. From banks to hospitals to restaurants, every single establishment that has ever been put up owes its success and expansion to long-distance communications. As a supplier in the telecommunications industry, you know full well that establishments out there need the […]

IT companies face a great challenge in engaging potential customers. Aside from creating an effective brand awareness campaign, these companies are also impelled to deliver quality communications that will push their audiences to purchase a service package, specifically IT consulting services which have seen a considerable rise in demand over the years. To this end, […]

Just like businesses in any other industry, companies selling IT and software products are always aiming to realize expansion. In order to achieve this, they will need to generate enough qualified IT leads that can easily end in a close. This is only possible through a perfectly implemented IT lead generation campaign. Companies should always […]