Unavoidable and disruptive events – hardware failures, fires, and hacking threats for example – account for billions of dollars of losses among companies that are unable to backup their databases. But what is even direr is the fact that the lack of a disaster recovery program can kill off a business within ten days after […]

It is not always a simple matter marketing technology products. IT firms with ideas to sell have a lot to understand about their industry. Because with the way things are right now, making an impact in the IT services market can take on brutal proportions. Consider the main challenges that presently grip the technology marketing […]

When online, you always come across one basic fact: That content is king. For B2B companies, this is one statement they couldn’t risk ignoring. Understandably, content has a lot to contribute in a lead generation campaign. Enterprises make it a very big deal promoting their blog posts and visual material to build their brand and […]

Solutions providers for IT institutions will get the most out of blogging. Not only because it is a fad among B2B companies wanting to identify, locate and sell to their target clients. Engaging one’s audience via blogging platforms such as WordPress also brings added benefits to the high quality IT leads it secures. Aaron Orendorff for the […]

Market research platform Ascend2 found that around 59% out of a sample size of 375 global marketing professionals from various industries are making quality leads their top priority. The study also found out that 49% are still dedicated to highlight quantity in their lead generation campaigns indicating that the antagonistic narrative between quality and quantity […]