With the preponderance of online information channels, businesses have found it easier and more cost-efficient to prospect for and engage future clientele. Better opportunities abound when you decide to set up your lead generation campaign on a stable communication platform. Hence, it is essential for businesses to optimize web presences specifically for these standard processes. […]

The number of company websites is consistently growing in proportion to the need for better market penetration. Solutions from private network setup and security, content development as well as database management are needed more than ever to streamline the delivery of services ranging from finance to healthcare. In response, B2B industry players in the web […]

When it comes to IT and VOIP products, B2B lead generation plays a key role in ensuring that businesses gain optimum leverage. High profile business partners are out there, willing to invest for solutions that can give the best possible benefits. And as a service provider, you should be able to efficiently reach out to […]

Anyone who has been in the B2B industry and came out alive would agree: Selling is hard. Indeed, industry players have upped the ante as social media has become a rallying point for business growth. But this is not to say the telephone has fallen from our favor. There is still compelling relevance in using […]

This generation is highlighted by mobile devices. The evolution in connectivity wouldn’t cease as newer innovations are being introduced each year. B2B companies are leveraging these advancements in their lead generation. According to MarketingProfs, at least 49 percent of B2B marketers use mobile marketing for generating B2B leads. This only goes to show that going […]