When you think about it, marketers and search engines share a complicated love-hate relationship. For instance, businesses refine their search strategies to coincide with current search engine requirements only to find out that new updates have been rolled out. It’s like two people arguing over whether they go to an Italian or French-themed restaurant, and […]

It’s good news for B2B telecommunications firms because for the most part, the introduction of innovations in the field has provided new niches for these companies to leverage. The market has indicated a sizable demand for the latest high-end VOIP products and services. Mostly, firms in the finance and health sectors are seeking for solutions […]

IT lead generation is continuously evolving due in part to the introduction of new technologies and strategies. Trends also play a significant role in its development. At the end of the day, riding on these trends determines your survivability in the highly competitive IT and tech arena. For this year, Hinge Marketing’s Elizabeth Harr has […]

  Marketing technology products places a lot of emphasis on content. Technology leads undergo an extensive process of nurturing in which certain types of content are selected to match their current sentiments before forming a buying decision. A C-suite executive may stumble upon a blog post at one point and express some level of interest […]

Hands down, cold calling is an effective way to generate high quality IT leads. Companies that offer services ranging from cybersecurity packages and VOIP installations are guaranteed better chances of converting IT managers and directors into qualified clients using an effective outbound campaign handled by a corps of callers. Then again, it is important to […]