For IT businesses, there’s a tug of war between surpassing competitors and growing market share. Hence, running your own marketing campaign implies innumerous days for trial and error as well as additional workloads and expenses for in house employees. To be in the technology industry, where pacing is just a blink of an eye, you […]

Much of the allure of telemarketing lies in its ability to nurture prospects. But the problem many B2B executives have with it involves using the best approaches that secure a high number of conversions and promise a good increase in revenue. Here are four essentials in successful telemarketing that are worth a gander, from […]

It is no question that telecom companies today are having trouble in terms of acquiring potential clients. For the most part, lead generation is the main challenge they have to deal effectively. The only problem is that many companies in the industry have little experience or are suffering from outmoded marketing practices, tools and strategies. The […]

When you think about it, marketers and search engines share a complicated love-hate relationship. For instance, businesses refine their search strategies to coincide with current search engine requirements only to find out that new updates have been rolled out. It’s like two people arguing over whether they go to an Italian or French-themed restaurant, and […]