The IT industry is as vibrant as ever. And along with better and newer technologies each year, the market is also seeing innovations in terms of B2B lead generation and appointment setting. Industry players mainly want to deliver their solutions in the best possible ways. From data management and telecommunications, companies like Microsoft and […]

Essential to a B2B company is its digital presence. In fact, most businesses rely profoundly on their online presence to drive their lead generation and appointment setting efforts. This is to a point that they leverage various strategies and channels in order to bring home business prospects that can turn into sales leads. One of […]

The IT industry is constantly growing with each introduction of advanced software systems that cater to a variety of needs. From health to banking, effective software systems are important in maintaining smooth management operations, hence explaining the recent increase in demand of IT services. This only spells ample opportunity to showcase one’s products as well […]

When you listen to a record, common music fan as you are, you do not wallow in the technical aspect or the science involved in the production of what you are hearing. You simply let your mind drift with the tones as they penetrate your soul, invoking memories of lost love or teenage angst. Pseudo-philosophizing […]

The basic challenges B2B marketers face include generating high quality B2B leads. There is always a need to optimize one’s lead generation campaign. That is why marketers focus on telemarketing and targeted email marketing for better revenue generation. Hence, businesses are hard pressed at finding cost-efficient tactics that bring better investment returns and provide their […]