Making an impact would always be a challenge for fresh businesses. Startups are currently at a difficult position, and they might need a lot of mentoring from experienced individuals that have gone through difficulties quite similar to what young entrepreneurs are currently facing. Consider the major factors that they need to confront: volatile markets, changing […]

 IT service providers and product vendors are always hard pressed to increase their profit margins. This explains why they are investing a lot of time and money on increasing the efficiency of their lead generation. While this has been a commonly accepted approach to boost productivity, it certainly does not entail a direct impact on […]

Innovation continues to define the IT and software development industry.   At the moment, there are countless niches that companies can take advantage of in terms of developing better products and services. And then are there predictions on the possible challenges marketers will face in five years’ time. These will bring an enormous impact on […]

Much has already been said about cloud computing. Great volumes of online articles and visual material have been produced relating to how it is shaping the conduct of modern business. IT marketers are discussing at length why there is a pressing need for CEOs to shift to the cloud, telling of the huge organizational benefits […]

B2B marketers are always eager to learn anything they can about improving their lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. Marketing tips are a dime a dozen. Businesses can basically get them anywhere – even from the unlikeliest places. Startups use certain tried and tested strategies in marketing their products and generate leads via a limited […]