The second quarter of the year had just began. Social media is pacing so fast and we ought to share some of our good stuff in Marketing for IT and software. So we made a catch up post of our best blogs. Here’s a recap of our tweets on, read and get more inspiration […]

The success of a business depends largely on the health of its relationship with its customers. It goes without saying that the better the relationship, the easier it is for any business to achieve long-term success. While some companies rely on the old-school approach in treating customers, the trend has shifted into utilizing software that […]

Every day, we face and make decisions – decisions as inconsequential as choosing which hanky to use, or as significant as whether to hire that impressive fresh grad or that steady guy with tons of experience. Most of the time, we go with common sense and prudence; sometimes, we go with our gut feel. Then […]

Different people have different definitions of Content Marketing, but the bottomline is, it’s the use of storytelling to build relationships with consumers by providing them with something entertaining or useful. That’s it. It’s simple, and it’s not new. In fact, companies have always sought to build relationships with consumers in hopes that they’ll buy something, and […]

Taken at face value, the question isn’t as rhetorical as it sounds. I mean, why wouldn’t companies just solve their own problems themselves? Surely, there’s somebody in the office whose opinion is sensible enough to merit conformity. But before we answer the question let’s first define the role of an IT consultant. This website defines an IT consultant […]