30 Tech Influencers You Should Know by Now

30 Tech Influencers You Should Know by Now

30 Tech Influencers You Should Know by Now

Today, there’s a thin line that separates the tech market and commodities in terms of purchasing volume.

No wonder vendors are like mushroom sprouting every where. Every new stuff has unique features to brag and to compete with the other. This is the main reason why buyers check reviews before committing because they want to gauge standards and compare tech brands before they dip their toe on the water.

Correlated to this, a few tech savvy and marketing experts had made their honest opinion when reviewing IT products.

My goal is to explore the best that technology has to offer, and share those experiences with the world.” says Lewis Hilsenteger on Inc.com

“I hope my reviews and analysis of consumer tech can help shine the spotlight on companies doing things right, and get everyone to step up their game.” says Marques Brownlee on Inc.com

Follow these tech influencers on social media and get a heck of their viewpoints towards premier products and devices.


30 Tech Influencers You Should Know by Now

Paying attention will somehow refresh IT and Software businesses with tech trends, market competition as well as on how to improve one’s product, after all that’s where the main focus should be.


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