5 Signs your B2B Enterprise Needs Cloud Resources

5 Signs your B2B Enterprise Needs Cloud Resources

5 Signs your B2B Enterprise Needs Cloud Resources

Hardly can businesses grow their brand without catching up on the latest marketing and sales technologies.


In recent years, there has been a considerable rise in the use of cloud-based services. Independent media company Silicon Age notes that the market for cloud computing services like Salesforce’s Pardot can reach up to $79.1 billion by 2018.

In large part, the amount of cloud equipment spending is constantly on the rise as more B2B and B2C companies have considered updating their lead generation processes to suit current buyer trends and more importantly streamline certain complex functions.

If you still haven’t implemented cloud-based applications yet, you might have to after observing these issues in your current system.

High operating costs

Relying on an outdated lead management platform can put you at a disadvantage. Aside from an inability to provide flexible CRM functions, it involves a huge investment just to set up the needed infrastructure and have the system up and running. On the other hand, since it stores data online, a cloud-computing app only requires minimal setup and maintenance, hence saving on operating costs.

Need for additional manpower

With the complexity of setting up a marketing database in mind, you might want to hire additional manpower to provide support functions. Then again, searching for tech-savvy individuals to run your program is not only costly in financial terms. The process of hiring and training them can take a great deal of time, which you can’t otherwise experience with cloud-based enterprise software that can be prepared using minimal assistance.

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Accessibility issues

Accessibility is important when you are a B2B enterprise. There is a constant need for transparency in your campaigns. With data stored in the cloud and accessed through user-friendly software, you are granted greater visibility and control of your sales process with just a simple log-in through a mobile device. You bet traditional applications can’t trump that.

Limited customization

Standard marketing applications come pre-packaged but with very little room for customization. Plus, you are charged for features you don’t really want. Shifting to the cloud in this case will prove to be an intelligent move that doesn’t get you far. There are service providers offering solutions that can be altered to suit your needs and your budget.

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Poor quality leads

If you are constantly suffering from low quality sales leads, it could be that your present CRM performs poorly in terms of audience engagement. Cloud-computing services provide a smarter pathway towards direct client relationships that allow for real-time, relevant and high-opportunity relationships.