6 Reasons Why Content Creation is still a Big Deal

6 Reasons Why Content Creation is still a Big Deal [infographic]

Content is overrated. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has lost its efficiency in generating B2B leads. The hype only means that content is still relevant in expanding one’s sales pipeline. Still skeptical?


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Here’s an infographic on content creation you should go over. Now if you’re convinced enough, write these stats down on your memo pad.


6 Reasons Why Content Creation is still a Big Deal


91% of B2B companies use content marketing, proving that “content is king.”

87% say they use social media for content distribution.

62% say LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform.

67% more B2B leads are generated through blogging.

58% of B2B users say that web articles are effective.

74% say lead generation is their organizational goal.

However, 39% say content creation is the most difficult tactic to execute.

Remember in B2B marketing, nothing comes hard with determination and passion. These experts have proven content as the main driver in generating inbound leads. Just imagine a 110% increase search traffic in 14 days. How about that?

“If you’re serious about generating high quality links, you need to be verys ystematic with how you create and promote your content.”  says Brian Dean in an article on Backlinko.com


To Garret Moon, you don’t have to be a total expert but at least have a little understanding about the content marketing strategy.  There are some existing tools like topsy that can help you in performing this tactic.


Content constantly plays a significant function on marketing especially for IT marketers as good quality content reflects expertise, a good avenue for thought leadership and IT lead generation. In 2016, let’s expect that SEO will steer their wheel and give greater focus on content.


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