6 Social Media Power Tools every IT Lead Generation Campaign Needs

6 Social Media Power Tools every IT Lead Generation Campaign Needs

6 Social Media Power Tools every IT Lead Generation Campaign Needs

Anyone can vouch that selling IT products and services is a boring thing. Still, there are ways that businesses in the industry can use to enhance their IT lead generation. One of these is social media.

As social networking sites become more relevant to businesses, it is vital for IT companies to create effective social media campaigns.

Of course, before you set out to create an online image of your company and generate high quality IT sales leads, you will have to know and apply some of the most powerful social media tools to support your campaign.

Here are some of them as seen in an article on SocialMediaExaminer.com:

Hang w/


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This iPhone and Android app enables you to broadcast instant video messages that can be streamed by your friends via Facebook in real-time. If you feel like sharing something online at once but lack the time and resources to prepare for a webinar, you can access the app and use it to engage your public.

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Despite uncertainties as to Google Plus’ fate in the coming years, businesses are still using the platform to promote their content to interested account users. GPlusData allows for creating precise reportage on top performing web pages and for carefully tracking audience behaviors.




An online intelligence tool, Twitonomy is an app that enables you to create in-depth profiles of prospective clients with emphasis on their daily Twitter activities encompassing the people they follow and the hashtags they use the most.

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Have an important industry event to promote? A product launching perhaps? Thunderclap lets you spread awareness about it in no time at all. Simply visit the site and enter the message you want to deliver. The platform will then gather a bunch of people to help you amplify your Tweet or Facebook post within seconds of giving authorization.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster


When it comes to keyword research, this service is gold. It gives you an effective illustration of your site’s rankings in the search results, allowing for better SEO strategizing. Webmaster Tools also enables you to generate accurate reports and data about your social media campaign, hence helping you in optimizing key areas.





Social listening hasn’t been this easier with Swayy, an app that offers a clear picture of what the market wants in real-time. The app can also be used to curate content, providing a wealth of quality articles you can share via social media and feature in your blog posts.

Did we leave anything out? What other social media tools can IT suppliers use to support their marketing functions? Share them in the comment section below.