7 Essential Qualities to Possess to Do Well at Work

These days with our tough economy, having a job is considered a blessing. So when at work, what are the top qualities employees and workers need to possess in order to do well and succeed at work?

    1. Diplomacy and discretion. If you’re someone that your workmates could trust and confide in, then it shows that you’re a person of integrity. People at work tend to open up to you more because you’re no tattletale. It’s better to detach yourself from the office gossip mongers and not to associate with them as these group can be such an influential bunch.2. Perseverance. This quality is always helpful especially for those involved in sales. How many times do they get rejected and faced with countless rejections, especially for those working in call centers and outbound telemarketing services firms, and lead generation companies generating business sales leads, and many others. This trait is crucial on all aspects of our lives especially at work. Being persevering usually results to prospects, customers opportunities such as promotions.

    3. Confidence. Being confident is not synonymous to being conceited or boastful. People who are confident know how to take calculated risks and just do it. However, these individuals are also humble to admit if they don’t know the right way to do certain tasks so they willingly seek help from other people who knows better than them.

    4. They know how to motivate other employees. This involves praising or complimenting others…in public. Nothing can be more uplifting and raises one’s morale than hearing a praise from your peers, especially from those you sincerely look up to. Excellent workers recognize their peers’ contributions, particularly in public wherein there’s even a greater impact on their spoken words.

    5. They want to prove themselves. These are admirable individuals who are self-motivated and they want to prove their doubters wrong. The worker who never graduated from college may have that potential to take challenging roles when it comes to the workplace. Although a degree, work experiences and competencies are all vital, having that self motivation is just as significant.

    6. A proactive and positive attitude. A proactive attitude means having that initiative to get things done without having to wait for others to tell you what to do. This also includes overlooking their job descriptions. Proactive employees are those not afraid to go beyond what their job titles and job positions state, just to get the work done. Being positive doesn’t always mean that you’re always “happy”, nevertheless, it’s nice if you’re cheerful at work instead of being gloomy and nasty. Besides, you also influence your fellow staff with your positive disposition, making you easy to work with.

    7. Productive even during down time. Good employees can still be productive even when they’re not busy with work. They may be helping their fellow co-workers with their own tasks, or they also look for other tasks to do themselves. They may also clean their working areas.

How about you? How many of the listed qualities do you already possess? How about the ones that need more improvement?