A Rundown of IT Innovations as Seen on CES 2015

A Rundown of IT Innovations as Seen on CES 2015

A Rundown of IT Innovations as Seen on CES 2015


The recently concluded CES 2015 showcased a wide array of innovations in the IT world.


Generally, the event which saw an estimated attendance of 170,000 people enabled industry professionals a peek into a handful of investable developments marking the rest of 2015. Around 3,600 exhibitors were present to provide a glimpse of what the near future is going to be for the IT market and how businesses should exploit the climate to discover more business possibilities.


With the industry constantly changing in terms of wants and needs, it is obviously vital for IT suppliers to not miss out on what this year’s CES purports to highlight.


Here are five things to fill you in:


The rise of the machines

Everything in the household is going to be wired with sensors. It’s a sign we’re now drifting ever closer towards a Hollywood-manufactured future of convenience and minimal manual activity. This is true as motion-activated technologies are experiencing an increase in popularity over the years, presenting a new niche worth exploring.

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PC’s resurrection

We have seen how the tablet has dominated the first part of the decade. But this will all change as electronics giant Lenovo has unveiled its new line of notebooks, proving that PC products are not giving in to tablets without a fight. In fact, PC suppliers are now adapting their specs to the needs of the highly mobile-saturated IT market in a bid to achieve a nostalgic interest in desktop and laptop devices.

Going wireless

When Bluetooth technology was introduced as a means for transferring data over short distances, people were abuzz about it being the most innovative thing in the information age. Right now, it has grown to be a trivial part in everyone’s digital experience. But CES 2015 has made a prescient assessment of Bluetooth’s prevalent dominance over consumer lifestyles. There are now wireless headphones and speakers and also wireless chargers that are currently making rounds around the mobile world.

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Start-ups on the prowl

Most of the innovations featured in CES were by start-up companies, most of whom made the trouble of going down to Las Vegas to set up their stalls. New players in the IT and digital tech industries have shown creative initiatives to give unique experiences to consumers. As things go, small entrepreneurs are going to deliver outstanding contributions, with hip and young IT graduates churning out ideas almost exclusively for the financial services, healthcare, human resources and entertainment sectors.


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