A Tech Firm’s Guide to Social Kung Fu

A Tech Firm’s Guide to Social Kung Fu

A Tech Firm’s Guide to Social Kung Fu

Yes, kung-fu. Because like the ancient martial art itself, using social media requires a lot of skill and patience.

To win the hearts of potential IT leads, you will have to prove your mettle by mastering the techniques in social media marketing.

But it isn’t always easy. The greats (from Jackie Chan to Jet Li) had to endure several years of intense labor in order to achieve utmost competency and confidence. Likewise, marketers sacrifice a lot of their time and money to develop a highly efficient social media campaign.

More importantly, they need to gain a lot of insight about their audience and about their campaign as well, and to do this wouldn’t even require going up to an Old Man and asking him for sagely advice.

No, all you need to do is to:

Know what your audience wants

Crafting highly effective messages is just a simple matter of knowing the current demands of the IT market. It doesn’t take a lot of analyzing apparently. It only involves identifying the most important needs and wants of buyers. But while no two enterprises have the same taste for a particular solution, using social listening and market research at least provides information on high opportunity niches and trends.

Underscore the right channels

Of course, before engaging your prospects, you will have to prepare a blueprint that includes the type of channels you may use to deliver your message effectively. LinkedIn in particular is a top channel for networking with other businesses and for acquiring top quality IT sales leads, but it shouldn’t work alone. You can always initiate a follow up call right after the initial contact via LinkedIn. This is proven to increase the number of appointments you can set as well as conversions.

Check your stats

Numbers are all too important to ignore in a social media lead generation campaign. Paying attention to analytics lets you prepare for any changes. Variables such as bounce rates, conversions and page views offer important insights that direct your attention to certain components of your campaign and determine if there is any need to optimize these components.

Train your brand

Keep your brand reputation squeaky clean. And by that, undertake brand marketing activities via your social channels. Feature blog content about recent marketing and sales achievements. Also, feature tweets encapsulating your own opinions about the latest industry developments and marketing strategies. By then, you will sound like a grandmaster every B2B grasshopper can look up to.


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