4 Lead Generation Boosters to Drive Quality Opportunities

Aim for Better Opportunities with these IT Lead Generation Boosters

4 Lead Generation Boosters to Drive Quality Opportunities

There is a need to boost IT lead generation  as quality sales leads pose a major challenge for the IT services sector this 2015. However, you are not going to achieve them merely through simple branding adjustments and manpower investment.

On the other hand, there are wiser options to consider in boosting high level opportunities.

Social media

Some businesses in the B2B services sector use social media platforms mainly for demand generation activities but there has also been lead generation-related activities as well. A Hubspot report stated that 83% of marketers indicate a high reliance on social media as a way to keep in touch with existing clients and hunt for potential ones. Furthermore, social media has been noted to have a more impressive lead-to-close rate at 100%, besting traditional outbound marketing strategies.

Pro Tip: Use analytics tools like Google Analytics to help you optimize your social media content and align them with the specific interests of particular groups.


Analysts point out a significant rise in mobile marketing as more B2B buyers will depend on smartphones and other devices to access email and execute business decisions, with an expected 87% accounting for mobile-attributed B2B sales by 2017. For this reason, B2B service providers are willing to cash in by optimizing their sites for mobile and create readable, contextual content.

Pro Tip: Put functionality above everything. Make your mobile presence stand out by offering an easy-to-navigate interface without excluding the features in your desktop site that drives the acquisition of leads (e.g. fill forms, click-to-call buttons, subscription forms, downloadable content). 


Along with mobile, there is also an anticipated increase in the use of video-sharing sites such as YouTube. Special attention is placed on the need to drive “trackable” sales leads, thought leadership and client retention through video presentations.

Pro Tip: Create content that is engaging. Tutorials, company news, and technology reviews tailored to specific niches can be considered.


Telemarketing continues to be a popular inbound technique among B2B enterprises. This is mainly due to a considerable amount of ROI it entails. If directed to the right people, DMA.org.uk says that telemarketing can drive an ROI of 12,000%!

Pro Tip: Using lead management technology in your telemarketing improves conversion rates. Make effective use of auto-dialers and regularly cleanse your database of unwanted leads to prioritize high value opportunities.

As an added booster, an independent company with a proven experience in IT lead generation. It’s just a matter of finding the right qualities in a service provider to drive the results you intended.


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