Are you using enough Rich-Media Content for Lead Generation

Are You Using Enough Rich-Media Content For Lead Generation?

Are you using enough Rich-Media Content for Lead Generation

Regular, text-based content just aren’t enough these days.

With every content marketing shooting for ways to stand out from among the competition, one simply cannot settle with mediocrity. The only way to compete is to offer something quite unique, and rich-media content is the go-to “variety” that everyone is looking for.

Rich-media is basically a form of content that involves anything outside of the normal worded article and accompanying image. This offers a fresh breath of air for web lurkers who have been craving for something new, thus enhancing the potential of lead generation and even thought leadership goals.

This doesn’t mean marketers should forego the production of text-based content entirely. The need for that type of content will always be present. However, to keep your readers’ interests and attention, you need to insert a few novelties from time to time.

Derek Miller, Content Marketing Consultant for CopyPress, offers this insightful discussion on the four most popular rich-media content forms out there in the market today: podcasts, eBooks/whitepapers, video and other interactive content:

Podcasts. Roughly 30 percent of your customers are auditory learners and will process and retain information much easier through sound. If that isn’t enough of a reason, consider the following added benefits of a podcast: It forms an intimate relationship, shows expertise and is a way to build brand equity across multiple devices.

eBooks/whitepapers. eBooks and whitepapers offer thorough information and/or data on industry specific topics. This form of content should be a cornerstone of your overall strategy and be conversion focused. Consider leveraging this form of rich-media content to collect opt-ins for an email list of qualified leads.

Video. Cisco predicts that by 2017, video content will account for 69 percent of consumer internet traffic. People digest information through video better than any other form of content. If you are not already using video, you will want to consider it, because your competitors already have. It’s reported that 64 percent of marketers anticipate video to dominate their future content strategies.

Interactive content. This is a growing form of rich media that acts as a sticky piece of content. Examples include interactive infographics, scrolling parallax pages and digital quizzes. This form is founded in displaying information or data visually. It engages the user to interact, share socially and reveal personal information that can be used to help your lead targeting.

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