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How Bad Content is Costing you Quality IT Sales

When it comes to marketing IT products, content is everything but secondary. In fact, most IT companies rely on content to beef up their lead generation efforts. This explains why the very same companies are directing much of their resources towards improving the way they craft their message. This shouldn’t be hard. At present, there […]

Why Care and Nurture IT Prospects?

Some prospects such as IT Managers, IT Directors, CIOs and CTOs are harder to reach than others. They are the busiest person within an organization together with C-level prospects, Presidents and Business Owners. But despite their busy schedule, why do we need to care and nurture IT prospects? Is nurturing necessary? Is it worth your […]

The 5 Qualities of a Good IT Lead Generation Company

Perhaps, you have already received a lot of emails or phone calls from IT lead generation companies that promise you with steady source of qualified leads. If you have tried them and were frustrated by the outcome, then you need to consider the good qualities of a lead generation partner. With the competitive industry today, […]