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10 Rules in Providing IT Services That Will Earn Your Client’s Trust

Whether you’re in the IT business or other industries, earning the trust of your clients is always important. In fact, any successful business can attest that customer relationship is an integral part of the entire dealings. And in today’s world of innovation and automation, taking care of customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations contribute to […]

Provide True Business Value and Win More Telecom Sales

For sustainable competitive edge, businesses should focus on their competitors. But if they want to provide real business value and win more telecom sales, they must concentrate on their customers. By providing great customer experience, it’s easier to attract potential leads and increase conversion rates. And since all products as well as services provide customers […]

Marketing your VoIP Products to SMBs

Marketing has gone complex and the very culprit would be technology – advanced technology. But despite the tough competition, marketing professionals have become even more aggressive in creating and recreating tactics by using different tools and strategies. Marketers are now able to reach their target customers via different channels like email, web, mobile, postal and […]

How Soon Will Smart Phones become Obsolete?

If there is one thing indispensable in this modern world that we have, it will be a smartphone. You would rarely see a person without one these days. Smartphones are one of the baby technologies but their impact is just too great. However, what is a smartphone? You may be carrying it with you but […]