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Increase your Telecom Sales using Telemarketing

It’s good news for B2B telecommunications firms because for the most part, the introduction of innovations in the field has provided new niches for these companies to leverage. The market has indicated a sizable demand for the latest high-end VOIP products and services. Mostly, firms in the finance and health sectors are seeking for solutions […]

Dissecting the Marketing Funnel: A Lesson for Tech Firms

  Marketing technology products places a lot of emphasis on content. Technology leads undergo an extensive process of nurturing in which certain types of content are selected to match their current sentiments before forming a buying decision. A C-suite executive may stumble upon a blog post at one point and express some level of interest […]

A Tech Firm’s Guide to Social Kung Fu

Yes, kung-fu. Because like the ancient martial art itself, using social media requires a lot of skill and patience. To win the hearts of potential IT leads, you will have to prove your mettle by mastering the techniques in social media marketing. But it isn’t always easy. The greats (from Jackie Chan to Jet Li) […]