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The Problem Of Big Data In Generating IT Sales Leads

Over the years, the use of big data for market analytics and lead generation of IT sales leads has always been a hot topic among marketers. After all, this is the so-called Holy Grail of precision marketing, where the data it contains becomes pieces essential in crafting the ultimate in personalized marketing messages. The one […]

Surprising Signs Of IT Telemarketing Burn-out

If there is anything that an IT telemarketing manager has to look out for, it has to be employee burn-out. After all, this is one of the biggest culprits of reduced IT sales leads productivity, employee health problems, and a slew of other issues that a small business may be hard-pressed to deal with. Considering […]

Turn Online Relationships Into IT Sales Leads

We are all connected in the internet world, this is a fact. And this also includes our business relationships. There might some of us whose only connection with other entrepreneurs would just be the online environment. These virtual networks can be an enticing opportunity for IT marketers conducting a lead generation campaign. The challenge for […]

Want More IT Sales Leads? Put Some Love Into It

When prospecting for new IT sales leads, what approach do you take? Is it aggressive more empathetic? Do you force your way into the decision-making process of your prospects, or do sit beside them and help solve the problems they have? These are just some of the questions that you should answer before, during, and […]