Blogging Tips to Generate More IT Leads

Blogging for IT Leads: Top Ways to Drive New Clients

Blogging Tips to Generate More IT Leads

Solutions providers for IT institutions will get the most out of blogging. Not only because it is a fad among B2B companies wanting to identify, locate and sell to their target clients. Engaging one’s audience via blogging platforms such as WordPress also brings added benefits to the high quality IT leads it secures.

Aaron Orendorff for the Content Marketing Institute wrote that blogging:

Builds trust – Over and above TV advertisements, search-engine ads, and online banner ads, information in blogs is trusted by a whopping 81% of consumers.

Improves your SEO – Companies that blog receive 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages than a company without a blog.

Boosts your traffic – Building a base of 21 to 54 articles boosts traffic by an estimated 30%.

Generates leads – B2B bloggers generate 67% more leads over their non-blogging counterparts.

Closes sales – 82% of companies that blog daily acquired a customer using their blogs, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog only monthly. And lastly, 67% of U.S. customers have made a purchase based on a blog post.

No doubt that institutions – from Telecom to IT Managed Services – also rely on blogs for searching and selecting IT solutions that meet their specific requirements.

On the part of vendors, it is imperative to create valuable digital experiences for decision-makers. Web-based marketing has to be approached with a thorough understanding of audience behaviors. A variety of skills and tools are needed in order to acquire a good deal of quality IT leads.

Here are some tips to consider when blogging for IT leads:

  •  Use hard data – You need to back your whitepapers and blog articles with hard evidence, i.e. statistics from credible third-party literature dating at least a year. Such is critical as making quantifiable assertions without any relevant supporting data can strike a lethal blow to your brand’s reputation and eventually its ability to generate clients.

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  •  Mention influencers – Identify the top marketing influencers in the IT services industry. Try to incorporate their quotes in your content to add some authority to what you want to point out.

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  •  Curate content – Face it: You cannot manage to create new content on almost a daily basis. But if you are eager to produce more for your audience, you might want to consider getting contributions from people within your network.

Related Post: Blogging Tips to Generate More IT Leads

Do you know what else work best for blogging? A combination of telemarketing and email marketing can also be undertaken to secure an optimum performance in IT lead generation.