Boost your Conversion Rates Using these 5 Landing Page Tips

Boost your Conversion Rates Using these 5 Landing Page Tips

Boost your Conversion Rates Using these 5 Landing Page Tips

Landing page conversions reflect the overall effectiveness of your online lead generation campaign and often an important indicator in making necessary adjustments.

Low conversions can mean that certain aspects in your landing page failed to stoke interest. In this case, you will need to improve these aspects by the doing the following tips taken from

Create Landing Pages For The Different Stages Of The Sales Cycle

The same offers and content won’t be relevant to all your leads. Consider what someone who just discovered your company would be interested in reading. It probably isn’t the same content that would engage a lead who is closer to making a purchasing decision. You need to carefully plan your campaigns and landing pages to get the most out of paid search. Each landing page should reflect the content in a separate ad.

Gate Your Most Valuable Content

Want an easy way to generate more leads? Entice prospects with a whitepaper, case study, or eBook and require them to fill out a form to download the content. This creates an opportunity for you to contact them in the future and you can get a better idea of how your most detailed content is performing.


Even when it comes to business products, leads still want personal interactions with brands. However, you need to shift away from being overly promotional on your landing pages. Create content that is centered around your target prospects’ main interests.

A/B Test Everything

If you study your landing pages, you will likely to be able to find areas for improvement. How effective is your call to action? Is the page layout intuitive for how people are interacting with the content? A/B testing helps you answer these questions, as well as make adjustments to other areas of the content.

Adjust Your Call To Action

Much of the room for improvement on many B2B landing pages involves weak calls to action. Your CTA needs to clearly tell visitors what’s in it for them. Tell potential leads how the action will help them. It’s also important to limit the conversion actions to as few steps as possible. Using a graphic to support the CTA can be effective as well.

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