Change the Way Prospects Look at IT Telemarketing – for the better

Change the Way Prospects Look at IT Telemarketing – for the better

Change the Way Prospects Look at IT Telemarketing – for the better

It’s safe to say that every telemarketer in the world has had – at least once – a conversation with a person who has a bad attitude about the concept of telemarketing. Actually, there are still a lot of people who have never entertained any salesperson over the phone, and probably never will. You would see their names on the Do-Not-Call Registry.

But there are also those who may not condemn telemarketing completely – they just need to be acquainted with the vocation so they could understand how it works. Luckily, there are certain steps a telemarketer could do to ‘alter’ their bad perceptions toward telemarketing and turn them into a potential client:

Make your calling script the exception, not the rule

Perhaps the biggest factor that makes outsiders think the way they do about telemarketing is that it lacks the personal touch, and that’s mainly because of calling scripts. To completely change that notion, telemarketing firms need to adopt a free-flowing conversational approach to calling. Scripts could still be used – as an exception – when dealing with technical details.

Make them want something from you, not the reverse

You don’t want your prospects to think you are calling them because you want something, like you want to update your records, or you’re conducting a survey. Instead, phrase it in another way such as the opportunity to better improve your products and services for companies like them.

Use different angles in throwing questions

When you ask questions to your prospects, don’t sound like an interrogating CIA agent. Don’t stick with close-ended questions; rather, give them the chance to elaborate on their responses and even sidestep into a little bit of storytelling. It makes them feel like they’re talking to a casual friend rather than a telemarketer.

Establish an efficient system in your campaigns

Prospects will think twice when criticizing the capabilities of a telemarketing firm once they see that everything is in order. Create a smooth flow for initial touches, follow-ups, emailing and nurturing. A systematic way of running a business never fails to impress.

Don’t bite more than you can chew

It’s okay to boast on how your business can handle most telemarketing tasks that companies find difficult to perform, but it’s also destructive to over-promise. This only worsens the negative attitude they have towards the industry. Instead, assess how much work you can really do for your clients, and be the best  in those areas.