Chatbot Diversity: Which Type of Bot is Right For Your Needs?

Chatbot Diversity: Which Type of Bot is Right For Your Needs?

Chatbot Diversity: Which Type of Bot is Right For Your Needs?

Chatbots are a godsend for businesses all over the world. They can automate tasks like inquiries, customer service, sales processing, accounting, data gathering, feedback, and many others. The list is only getting longer.

Many times they can perform these tasks just as well as—if not, better than—humans. What is more, they can do all this for as low as $19/month—way less than hiring additional support staff to take care of your cients!

If you’re considering a Chatbot for your business, you should start by asking, “What type of Chatbot suits my website’s needs?”

Here are some of the most popular uses for Chatbots.

  1. Customer Service And Inquiries

Customer queries and concerns are often predictable, which is why most websites have an FAQ section. However, customers may ditch the FAQ section in favor of customer service representatives. This can cause some problems especially for small companies.

When you or your employees are answering calls or responding to emails, it takes away time from important tasks like planning, sales, or operations. Chatbots can be programmed to respond to FAQs in manners that approximate humans. Test automation software allows you to test your Chatbot’s response across different platforms.

A Chatbot can save time, effort, and money all while streamlining your procedures for FAQs and inquiries. Instead of simply diverting your customers to an FAQ section, go one step further and engage them with a Chatbot.

  1. Sales And Inventory

Small businesses often lack salespeople. For this reason, tasks like order-taking, processing, payment, and inventory tend to get bottlenecked. Chatbot technology allows you to manage all these in a few clicks.

Companies such as H&M have been able to use Chatbot technology to gain insight on customers’ preferences and subsequently provide recommendations based on collected data.

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  1. Personalized Marketing

Unlike banners and streamers, Chatbots allow you to market to your customers at an almost personal level. They can be programmed to address customers by name and advertise based on unique information gathered from each customer. Furthermore, they can be taught to speak in a manner that personally reflects your brand. Studies show that 9 in 10 customers say that personalization influences their buying habits.

  1. Data Collection And Database Management

Managing customer information and collecting customer data is time-consuming and demanding. Using a Chatbot allows you to collect customer data and file it in a matter of seconds. This saves time and effort, increases data collection efficiency, and reduces errors. When your customers visit your site again, Chatbots can easily pull up information and use that information to interact. Software offered by Perfecto Mobile can give you immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your Chatbot software in different browsers and mobile devices.

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  1. Social Media Engagement

When coupled with social media analytics, Chatbots can serve as a tool to find and engage possible customers. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have made it possible to seek out and market to people based on their interests, occupations, and hobbies. By targeting particular groups of people, you can zero on those potentially interested in your website or business. 



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