How to Communicate the Value of your VOIP Services and Increase IT Sales

Communicate the Value of your VOIP Services and Increase IT Sales

How to Communicate the Value of your VOIP Services and Increase IT Sales

Modern society has benefited much from innovations in the field of telecommunications and information technology. From banks to hospitals to restaurants, every single establishment that has ever been put up owes its success and expansion to long-distance communications.

As a supplier in the telecommunications industry, you know full well that establishments out there need the best VOIP equipment. In order to identify these establishments, you will need to implement effective IT lead generation and appointment setting campaigns to locate them based on their needs. BPOs need phone systems to cut operational costs while brokerage firms underpin VOIP services to make effective links between brokers and their clients.

Getting these businesses to engage you is undeniably similar to generating software or healthcare leads – at least in aspects pertaining to the buying cycle. VOIP lead generation is at one point different because it requires mastery in the use of specialized IT language. Try marketing a VOIP system to a healthcare provider. While you’re at it, try selling the same thing to a law firm.

The thing is: selling IT products can be a pain in the neck. There is constant pressure on your part to present the potential value your offers have in store for target businesses.

This is not always the case though. There are many ways to underscore an IT lead generation campaign that effectively puts the business value of your offers front and center.

Make use of social media

Right now, it is sacrilege to shun social media. Think about it: There are a multitude of business startups and mid-size businesses active on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Aside from customers, they also seek solutions that can improve their marketing and sales efforts further. This is an opportunity you can pounce on using relevant image- and text-based content.

Use pay per call telemarketing

IT providers like you have better chances with pay per call telemarketing in terms of generating high quality sales leads and delivering clear communications to interested buyers. Entailing a more cost-efficient way of acquiring leads, this scheme is provided by a trusted B2B multi-channel marketing company.

Engage in research

This is already a given, but somehow there are IT companies out there that don’t fully get the importance of market research. Besides, you can never map out the buying patterns and predilections of your target market without initiating surveys. Furthermore, you can never know how to optimize your IT lead generation without first knowing the stuff your audience demands in a VOIP service.


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