Creating a Customized Content for Cloud Customers

5 Things You Should Be Writing for Cloud Buyers

Creating a Customized Content for Cloud Customers

Migrating to cloud is no longer an issue of choice. More so because newer software are making it easier to migrate to the cloud, so integration is less of a headache for technical teams. This year, majority of CIOs plan a cloud-first strategy for enterprise applications according to a survey done by Bitglass.

However, this does not mean cloud vendors should have it easy, some cloud marketer does it wrong but that didn’t stop them. Buyers can always postpone adoption as a result of challenges. Vendors should well take this to heart if they want to speed up the process. Through content, vendors can take the bull by the reins and go straight to the core problems. Vendors would do well discuss the following issues to get leads and understand their prospects better. Some of the challenges and opportunities that need to be discussed are the following:

#1: Security

Security has always been the biggest issue. Now that public cloud is on the rise, it is even more so. Talking about security and alternative to public cloud will be one thing that CIOs will be looking for. In addition, mobility will be bundled up in this issue. To be more responsive to customer, mobility is one thing that companies are looking to implement in order to increase sales.

#2: On-demand IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS as a low cost option

Vendors should carefully explain in detail why there is an ongoing attraction for these “as-a-service” models. The thought of lower costs is certainly tempting, but is it really the right way to go? In addition, vendors should be able to provide sample calculations on whether these are truly cost effective models.

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#3: Hybrid cloud 

There is a perceived notion that public cloud is more cost effective. But if it is a hybrid, it might be a better and more strategic model as opposed to going for public cloud. Vendors gain an advantage talking about this option, including what it entails to implement.

#4: Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

One of the barriers or inhibitors of cloud adoption is the SLA. There is the fear of being tied to a specific vendor which gets prospects nervous. Getting locked into a contract for a long time is not a light discussion. In fact, it is one of the reasons next to security that companies stall the adoption process.

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#5: Data loss

The most important asset, data is a nerve wracking topic in the cloud. Again, tied to security and implementation, vendors would do well provide a strategy or a walkthrough plan on how to go about securing information.

Content for the Cloud Customer, a Priority

The cloud first strategy among CIOs should be a motivator for cloud vendors. However, this should not make you lax in your promise to deliver relevant content to your prospects. With a whitepaper, statistics and walkthroughs, these can help your customers understand where they are. This way, they know when to reach out. Just make sure you’re top of mind when they do so.


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