Content Marketing Statistics and Trends 2017

Content Marketing Statistics and Trends 2017

Although we’re well into 2017 by now, it’s never too late to start working on improving your marketing for this year but also for future. Content marketing has been on the rise for a while and it’s definitely here to stay, as one of the key parts in every online marketing campaign.

Content is everywhere around us and it’s one of the rare parts of online marketing that is continuously important. These days when ad blockers are being used every day by millions of people. Traditional online advertising might not get marketers the results they want and expect.

 If you look at the stats, you can see that online marketers recognized that 75% of them are planning to increase their budget for content marketing in 2017. They can’t all be wrong!

What is great about content marketing is that it doesn’t just promote a brand/product, it helps raise awareness and reputation for the brand in question if done right. 70 percent of people would rather learn about a company through quality content, like blogs and industry-related articles, than from any advertisement. It makes them feel more positive about a brand and they are more likely to buy products or services from that brand, and recommend it to others.

As for what types of content are popular, marketers predict blogging is the best way to do content marketing in 2017, but anyone who is serious about it should try more than one tactic. Social media is a must, but ambitious marketers should try video content as well. It has been gaining popularity for a few years now, and surveys have shown that 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. The main thing to remember about content marketing is quality over quantity, but that should be the rule for all types of marketing!

All in all, content marketing is not something new but it’s definitely something that will continue being one of the most important parts of every serious online marketing campaign. If you still need convincing, there is a lot more stats in the infographic below, that shows how important it is.



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