Corporate Blogging Made Easy

Corporate blogging is one marketing strategy that works well in the information technology market. Come to think of it, IT appointment setting campaigns can be more effective if prospects get to see what your company is all about. And what better avenue is there than to look at your company websites. It can be very handy for your IT telemarketing team to have as a marketing aid in getting IT leads. Now, if you have the job of maintaining the company blog, you might have encountered times when you find it very difficult to perform. But there are ways to make it easier. All you have to do is to:
1. Try making a draft during your trip – you can have it recorded on the phone or written down in your notebook, but the important thing is that you are doing something during what could be a long commute. You might be surprised with what you might come up with during the trip.

2. Ask industry movers to write on your blog – this is also a good idea, since these industry contributors can serve as a fresh source of information that your blog can use. Not to mention the bonus prestige points that you can gain from their contribution.
3. Ask contributors and partners for articles – collaboration is always great, and you can always benefit from the added exposure that other site partners and contributors can give.
Of course, to reach your lead generation goals, you have to do it in moderation, lest your IT leads become bust