Curated: 10 Mind and tech hacks how to make people buy at your store

Curated: 10 Mind and Tech Hacks How to Make People Buy at your Store

Curated: 10 Mind and tech hacks how to make people buy at your store

In any business, competition is always lurking and inevitable but applying marketing gimmicks could capture prospects’ attention.

The article below will teach you some head turning marketing maneuvers.

“To buy or not to buy? – That is the question!” – Many customers ask themselves, rephrasing popular quote of Hamlet. To help your customers to make a right decision (“to buy”, of course), you need to understand how they make one.

Surely, the quality of the item as well as, retailer’s reputation, goes first. But what if these fundamentals match the customer’s needs? Then you need an additional mind and tech hacks how to make people buy at your store.

1. Create a lack. makes me panic when the hotel foreseen for my vacation has only one room left. Moreover, someone is looking for the same room as I am.  If it’s the place I want to stay, I stampede and book the room a way too early just to not miss out the deal.


The same case is “Only 5 left in stock”. It motivates the customer to take an action to buy.

2. Create an urgency.

Determining a deadline for a deal encourage customers, who are willing to buy, make it faster. The best example for it – night sales, Black Friday sales. The customers know that if they like something in your store they have only tonight / only this Friday to purchase it cheaper.

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3. Discounts.

This point is not a surprise for you. You have already felt the power of sales, but still it is worth mentioning in this list.

Don’t make an impression that your sales are endless – they will become less powerful. Sometimes personal discounts work even better. With personal automated emails, you can reach a lot!

For example, sending welcome series for each new subscriber with special discount as a reward for signing up. The personal attention to the new customer and a discount will help to break the ice for the first and following purchases. According to, revenue per Welcome email is 3x higher as per promotional one.

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4. Free shipping.

According to Statista research in 2014, 56% of potential buyers abandon their cart because of unexpected costs. What are they? Shipping, of course. Consider to determine an order size that would be worth shipping for free and make your customers know about it. This action has golden value because of two reasons:

  1. Your clients will avoid disappointment at the checkout.
  2. You will increase your average basket size.

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At, all orders over 22 EUR are shipped for free. The customer orders the face cream for 20 EUR. The shipping would cost for her 2.70 EUR. She does not want to pay for it, so she adds the nail file. In the end, she is happy because almost for the same amount of money she gets extra nail file.

5. Risk management.

Some people are still anxious about buying online. Make sure your safety certificates, returning policy and warranty are well-seen. These things are common marketing tools used in e-commerce. They build customers credibility.

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