Dissecting the Marketing Funnel- A Lesson for Tech Firms

Dissecting the Marketing Funnel: A Lesson for Tech Firms

Dissecting the Marketing Funnel-  A Lesson for Tech Firms


Marketing technology products places a lot of emphasis on content.

Technology leads undergo an extensive process of nurturing in which certain types of content are selected to match their current sentiments before forming a buying decision.

A C-suite executive may stumble upon a blog post at one point and express some level of interest in what you are offering. Naturally, you wouldn’t expect the prospect to rely entirely on blog posts for knowing the value your products and services entail. It will take a lot more goading to have it consider buying something from you.

Now consider numerous decision-makers simultaneously engaging your online content. There’s no guaranteeing all of them will consider buying right away. But what’s sure is that some may express a certain level of interest in your offers and may want to know a lot more.


The journey of technology leads takes the form of a funnel consisting of three parts:

Top: This serves as the entry point for leads that do not know you yet. It is typical that blog posts are the dominant content forms in this phase because of their capability to grab attention and grant online visibility, but press releases, case studies and other “cold” informational material may also be considered. To improve visitor retention and keep bounce rate to a minimum, a highly functional web design should go along with such content. Make sure to include keywords necessary for increasing your site’s visibility online.

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Middle: Your prospect’s now know what you are through your website. What now? Since they have only acquired a superficial understanding of your products and services, they will most likely engage you in addressing certain inquiries. They may want to subscribe to your newsletter, or they will make preliminary email asking for more information. This phase requires more technical content, so give out whitepapers and invitations to webinars where you can directly address their concerns.

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Tip: The last is always the hardest. But by using the right type of content, pushing a prospect into making a commitment is highly possible. Here, the volume of technology leads is significantly reduced as uninterested enterprises are filtered out. You are left with a group of prospects who are ready to set a sales appointment. Research papers and ebooks are more suited at this stage as they provide that final motivation to convert.

By following this formula, you will have better chances at increasing your conversions and establish a strong foothold in the technology market.

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