Email Marketing is Not DEAD

Proof that Email Marketing is Not DEAD

For years, the existence of email marketing as an effective lead generation channel has been questioned. It is one of the most debated topic on online marketing forums. While marketing philosophers discuss their views on comment boxes and forum sites, I prefer to present my argument in this post.

So is email marketing really dead or alive?

The answer is in this analogy: to believe that email marketing is dead is to believe that no business is using emails today.

Those who claim of its premature death must have failed to perform the right email strategies to have a successful campaign and though we know that the spotlight is now focused on social media marketing, we can’t obliterate the fact that email marketing usage will never come to the point of obsoleteness.

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In an article by Daniel Newman, he said that:

It’s too soon to contemplate the demise of email marketing. Consider the following stats: Seventy-two percent of U.S. adults say they prefer companies to communicate with them via email, and 91 percent say they’d like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with. Meanwhile, 73 percent of companies agree email marketing is a core part of their business efforts, and 25 percent rate email as their top channel in terms of return on investment.

So before you kill email marketing on your mind, check out more stats on this infographic:


Proof That Email Marketing Is Still The Most Reliable ChannelInfographic originally posted on Callbox

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