For CMOs, what are the biggest challenges in Marketing

For CMOs, what are the biggest challenges in Marketing?

For CMOs, what are the biggest challenges in Marketing

When a group of Chief Marketing Officers gather around and talk about current issues, trends and developments, good things are bound to happen.

The CMO Club Summit in New York last March produced useful insights on what marketers are considering as challenges to their business campaigns. It should be interesting to find out what’s making them sweat despite of their years of experience and wisdom. Apparently, no marketing team is immune to adversity.

Here are 18 challenges cited by the attendees of the CMO Club Summit this year:

  1. Keeping content flow constant

  2. Switching entire marketing team to a content sharing group

  3. Delivering a positive customer experience throughout the research, discovery, and purchase journey

  4. Prioritizing the most pressing long and short term challenges for execution

  5. The changing role of the CMO (digital and data demands)

  6. Creating content for lead gen

  7. Measuring the effectiveness of content

  8. Hiring A+ talent while having limited resources

  9. Creating client or customer-centric content

  10. Demonstration of value to the C-Suite

  11. Managing data and identifying how to leverage it effectively

  12. Reinvigorated an already well-known brand

  13. Maximizing omnichannel marketing with limited talent and training resources

  14. Unifying measurement strategies for social, mobile, and all digital

  15. Creating a single, primary measurement source for customer lifetime value (LTV) other than ROI

  16. Addressing social degradation of your brand online

  17. Managing the longevity of the CMO’s role with improved accountability processes

  18. Managing realities of media fragmentation with a shrinking budget

Content creation and distribution are obviously the predominant concerns of CMOs in their respective marketing efforts. This can easily be attributed to the growing demand for quality content as opposed to just stuffing keywords into run-of-the-mill articles.

Measurement and strategy are also deemed challenging by marketers, particularly in the effectiveness of content and finding ways to gauge it other than ROI. This is probably the reason why some marketers don’t go big on content; they are not sold on the concept of using content marketing strategies to generate leads.

Lastly, marketers are also struggling with management of data. With so many tools available today, data generation is not hard to come by. The difficulty lies on what to actually do with them, and how they can be used to make improvements and predict behavior. It goes to show that too much data is not always a good thing.

What are your marketing challenges, and how will you address them?