Generate More IT Leads with these Four Key Elements

Generate More IT Leads with these Four Key Elements

Generate More IT Leads with these Four Key Elements

When it comes to IT and VOIP products, B2B lead generation plays a key role in ensuring that businesses gain optimum leverage. High profile business partners are out there, willing to invest for solutions that can give the best possible benefits. And as a service provider, you should be able to efficiently reach out to them through an effective lead management infrastructure.

Anyone can agree that marketing IT solutions are difficult if not confusing. The industry has its pitfalls, and it gives a higher chance of success to have a better understanding of the trends that dominate the market.

Acquiring more IT leads definitely comprises every marketer’s agenda.  And to attain such goals as higher conversion rates, it is imperative to learn the many strategies that highlight lead generation and appointment setting.

One should not look far, though. Marketing solutions are out there in the open, and it is just a matter of picking the perfect stock for your stew.

Blogging. No doubt that blogs are essential platforms in lead nurturing and production. Through them, you are able to engage your customers with insights into the IT industry. Aside from that, blogs can be leveraged to generate high profile B2B leads and increase traffic to your landing page.

Direct Mail. With the advent of social media, is there still a place for email marketing to thrive in? Actually, there is. Circle Research stated in a recent report that around 47% of B2B marketers view email marketing as an effective lead generation process. It does even better when it is partnered by an effective telemarketing campaign.

Social Media. The IT industry, just like any other industry, relies heavily on social media as another means for prospect engagement as well as profiling. LinkedIn is a particularly effective source for IT leads. In fact, HubSpot has found that the site is 277% more effective in lead generation than Facebook.  This doesn’t compel you to use only one channel though. The point is that these sites allow unbridled lead nurturing that fills your pipeline with a wealth of IT leads.

Content. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the creative yet intricate process of determining content that ensures high conversions. Webinars and infographics are especially suited for this as they function in order to increase customer awareness and retention.

For IT companies, it shouldn’t trouble them to engage these tactics for lead management. However, it would be best to have a IT lead generation company that knows marketing processes for the IT industry and has multi-channel capabilities.