Get Better Results With Intelligent IT Telemarketing

Get Better Results With Intelligent IT Telemarketing1

In the B2B world, business executives always have sleepless nights thinking about their marketing challenges, and just like in any other industry, marketing in the IT sector can be quite stressful. Most B2B professionals would agree that one of the most critical aspects of marketing is lead generation. Generating high-quality leads, especially for enterprise solutions, has become more crucial over the years.

To generate leads, many IT solution providers use telemarketing. Everyone in the B2B space knows that this method is a vital factor in IT channel demand generation. Even in a generation of social media networking, the need for salespeople to work the phones efficiently is always present. However, the challenge with most telemarketing initiatives is that they are mostly arbitrary. Even if IT companies purchase or rent a telemarketing list, they hardly know about the contacts except for the business name, position and phone number.

This is where sales intelligence comes into play. If an IT telemarketing activity is implemented in such a way that the prospect’s IT challenges are clearly defined, the chance of getting better results is greater.

This can be achieved by having a team of dedicated prospecting people to identify the potential client’s pain points and interests in a particular technology product or service. If your own sales team is struggling on generating high-quality IT sales leads, hiring an IT telemarketing firm can help. A good IT telemarketing company not only provides lead generation services but offers valuable business intelligence to ensure the success of your B2B cold calling campaign.

Digging deeper and identifying exactly what IT challenges a business is facing is relevant in driving higher quality appointments with CIOs. Success in IT telemarketing takes a lot more than just knowing who to look for, where their business is located and their job title.