How To Continue Generating IT Sales Leads Amidst IT Giants

Has Dropbox’s apparent monopoly on cloud service officially ended now that Google has launched its Google Drive and with Microsoft launching Skydrive (not to mention Apple’s iCloud)? Now that the big guns have joined the fray, how will smaller cloud service providers compete? Will SME IT companies still be able to generate IT leads for themselves?

There is still a way for these smaller IT companies to continue generating IT sales leads – by concentrating on branding their company with industry defining service for enterprises. The biggest advantage of smaller cloud service providers – especially those that cater to entire corporations – is their emphasis on enterprise data security. Although Google Drive offers a much cheaper option compared to other cloud service providers, their marketing scheme is currently geared more towards the individual consumer.

Smaller cloud service providers can still effectively generate IT sales leads by marketing their emphasis on enterprise data security. Another strategy is to focus on a single IT service and deliver the best possible service. There are plenty of cloud-based services that SME IT companies can provide, and concentrating all marketing efforts on one cloud-based IT service will result to a better hold on the targeted niche market. For example, web hosting leads will further increase in the coming years as more businesses will accept the idea of connecting with customers and clients online. Focusing on providing an efficient, reliable and secure web hosting service will guarantee a steady flow of web hosting leads. Of course, appropriate marketing efforts will be necessary to reach the right market, but this can be achieved by hiring an experienced IT lead generation firm.