How to Create a Highly Efficient Outbound Calling Team for your IT Services and Products

Techniques to Create a Highly Efficient Outbound Calling Team

How to Create a Highly Efficient Outbound Calling Team for your IT Services and Products

Hands down, cold calling is an effective way to generate high quality IT leads. Companies that offer services ranging from cybersecurity packages and VOIP installations are guaranteed better chances of converting IT managers and directors into qualified clients using an effective outbound campaign handled by a corps of callers.

Then again, it is important to note that not all outbound campaigns can end up producing excellent sales numbers. Technological enhancements aside, the success of an outbound telemarketing campaign depends heavily on the efficiency of the people that handle your cold calls.

This is virtually a big deal (or maybe, the biggest!) in IT lead generation for the following reasons:

1). You are mainly promoting a range of technical solutions that must be clearly and proficiently explained to target decision-makers.

2). Without proper guidance and handling, an outbound campaign may lead to violations of telemarketing laws by contacting people who are listed in the do-not-call registry, resulting in massive fines as well as a damaged brand reputation.

3). There is nothing promising about an outbound campaign with a rejection rate that’s higher than the number of conversions it can muster within a single period.


So how can marketers get around these challenges and create a more efficient outbound calling team?


For starters, B2B companies can always:

Establish an effective data profiling system

This is of course one technological enhancement we couldn’t overlook. It’s because it provides an ample amount of help in terms of directing a focus toward leads with a strong affinity for a certain IT product. With such a software in place, cold callers are able to locate potential buyers and determine how close they are to your ideal client profile. As a result, your outbound team can contact leads with higher chances of converting.

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Script your way out of a situation

Call scripts are not always advisable in IT telemarketing as buyers prefer to talk with experts that have an intelligent grasp about IT technologies and that communicate the value of these technologies with a personal touch. But other times, there are certain scenarios where call scripts can be highly beneficial such as when choosing appropriate phrases and opening up that initial contact with a new IT lead using an effective introduction.

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Highlight important issues

If you opt to increase revenue, placing a lot of calls during a single period isn’t the way to go. Instead, go for the jugular or, in other words, the audience pain points. IT managers have a lot to care about in terms of enhancing their IT infrastructure. Identifying the present issues and challenges they face allows you to focus on what highly matters to them, of course resulting in better chances of them converting into clients.

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