How To Reward Employees Without Using Money

Giving out cash rewards is certainly a good way to improve the morale of your IT appointment setting team, but it is in no way the best one. There are other methods that you can use which will not require you to spend money at all. Actually, you can simply employ human relations methods that will appeal to your IT telemarketing team. And these are so simple that you will be surprised at how much they can contribute to you getting more IT consulting leads. There are four ways to do so.
  1. Ask them for ideas – one way to make them happy is asking them for ideas. Not only will this show them that you value their inputs; you might actually find new ideas for your business.
  2. Ask for help – even if you are the boss of the company, you can always ask help from your employees. If you have a problem in getting more IT leads, ask them to help you plan better.
  3. Grant informal leadership – this is handy for your IT telemarketing problems. By giving your best employees permission to form a team that can tackle your concern, you express your confidence in them, as well as giving you the chance to resolve the problem better.
  4. Work together – a great way to recognize employee value is letting them work on something together. It can be some outside activity, where the boss-employee relationship can be removed.
There are other ways you can use to recognize your employees and their skills in getting sales leads. But you can be sure with these four.