How to Survive as a Disaster Recovery Provider Using Telesales

How to Survive as a Disaster Recovery Provider Using Telesales

How to Survive as a Disaster Recovery Provider Using Telesales

Unavoidable and disruptive events – hardware failures, fires, and hacking threats for example – account for billions of dollars of losses among companies that are unable to backup their databases. But what is even direr is the fact that the lack of a disaster recovery program can kill off a business within ten days after a disaster.

So, it is not about temporary losses that is the core issue in disaster recovery. In fact, much of the demand for effective recovery programs has to do with survival.

Companies right now are seeking effective solutions for keeping their data safe and their bottom line (consequently) secured. With the development of cloud-based applications and data infrastructure, managers are provided with numerous options in the IT market.

The choice of a disaster recovery brand belongs to their turf. B2B IT vendors, on the other hand, face the challenge of positioning their products to attract a bigger share of the market.

This is where telesales comes along.


Generating IT sales leads is highly essential if you want your disaster recovery products increase revenue and achieve better publicity. You will be able to engage audiences that base their selections on quality and reliability. What is more, convinced prospects can lead to greater profitability, securing your existence in the IT market.

Here are a few ways you can implement for improving your telesales campaign.

Employ seasoned callers

Callers who are well-versed on the industry are indispensable. Since they know a lot about marketing IT products, it would not be difficult for them to explain the value of your disaster recovery program, ask the right questions and immediately (and expertly) address prospect inquiries. Just think about the rapid sales closes and the enhanced repute you can get.


After an initial call, you may need to schedule a follow up engage. This is important as prospects need an extra shove in forming a purchase decision. A follow up call can also help you explore areas of opportunity that you were not able to pinpoint the last time, allowing for the development of better messages.

Hire a lead generation company

You may also want to opt in on employing a lead generation company. Depending on the company you want to contract, you are granted access to trained in-house telemarketers and data infrastructure that handles a large amount of leads. Make sure the service also comes with years of experience generating leads for disaster recovery solutions.


Leads for Back up and Disaster Solutions


Get qualified leads for data back up and disaster solutions and improve sales conversion.


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