In B2b Marketing: 5 Best Thing To Do During Black Friday

In B2b Marketing: 5 Best Thing To Do During Black Friday

In B2b Marketing: 5 Best Thing To Do During Black Friday

Black Friday is coming. For most of the consumers, this means a good day to get value for their money. Companies will be afloat with their own campaigns, and why not, Black Friday is a yearly activity to boost sales. eCommerce as well as physical stores will be abuzz with good deals that entice you to buy. It is a crowded time, but an occasion that is worth participating in.

This is where creativity and productivity should kick in for you. If you’re not here, you might lose that chance to close deals or do something to prepare for Thanksgiving activities.

But how do you stand out or lag behind campaigns before Christmas?

Here are some ideas to get you going and not miss out on the Black Friday fun.

Launch a subscription campaign.

If you have not already done so, then you should be doing it now. A subscription campaign is a reminder that consumers might miss out on good deals. Most often, they “hoard” information, to look out for the best deal out in the market. This is a good time to leverage on your most valuable offer to prospects. Let them know what a subscription with your brand will get them, this year’s Black Friday or the next. When you give them value, then they will stick to you.

Pretty up your website.

We don’t mean do a revamp of your website but do a creative campaign to entice your customers to your site. Remember, this is a yearly thing, use this time to make something different on your website. Sometimes, when things are rarely seen (it’s not everyday that you make creative changes on your site.), that is when it stands out to your prospects or customers.

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Update your customer database.

We know, nobody seems to want this job, but it is also the most important routine in marketing. It is also the most neglected activity. If you want to stay relevant with your customers you need updated information every time. In fact, before launching campaigns, you should be 100% sure that what you are doing is a welcoming activity from your prospects and customers. It is just not worth it to start a campaign if you get churns, bounces and any horrible metrics you are watching out for. A database update is perfect during Black Friday because of the atmosphere, people tend to be more giving when the Holidays are up.

Focus more on improving service, let an outsource marketing firm update your business database!

Talk to your prospects, consumers and thought leaders via social media.

We would say this is a must, something that you absolutely MUST NOT skip. It does not matter if it is a day before Black Friday or on the day itself, you just need to be out there and represent your brand, creating conversations, helping out consumers, brand building, relationship building, listening, supporting customers, mining data and a lot more! Wheew. That’s a lot of things you can do in a day. And that is a lot of insights that you can build future campaigns on.

Do you see why you cannot skip this activity?

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Launch a product or service.

When everybody is online, or out in the stores looking to see what they can get during Black Friday, then it is the perfect time to get your product out in the market when everybody does not care about anything but getting to the deals first.


Black Friday is a phenomenon, it is that important. It might be hard to believe but there is a hype all over this day that turns into a yearly routine. Face it, Black Friday is an event that people look forward to every year. Make it count.


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