IT Lead Generation: Are you Riding on these Trends?

IT Lead Generation: Are you Riding on these Trends?

IT Lead Generation: Are you Riding on these Trends?

IT lead generation is continuously evolving due in part to the introduction of new technologies and strategies.

Trends also play a significant role in its development. At the end of the day, riding on these trends determines your survivability in the highly competitive IT and tech arena.

For this year, Hinge Marketing’s Elizabeth Harr has listed the top marketing technology and IT trends promising huge revenue-generating and reputation-boosting opportunities.

1) Buyers of technology services want to be educated

Buyers want to be educated. They want to understand how to better frame their problems and challenges, and they want to know how to choose the most successful solutions. Like anyone else, buyers have grown accustomed to finding quick, accessible, and effective answers online.

The firms that provide these answers through educational content stand to build credibility among their audiences, take a leading role in the fast-moving industry conversation, attract new visitors, and shape the way prospects conceptualize their challenges.

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2) Social media matures – while new risks and policies emerge

As platforms and technologies mature, of course, we come to better understand their nuances. In social media, it’s become abundantly clear that the numerous advantages of real-time technology marketing and direct customer interaction come paired with significant and evolving risks.

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First and foremost, firms must take care not to appear opportunistic or self-serving in their social media activity – it is crucial to engage in a curious, participatory, community-oriented way, sharing others’ content more often than your promote your own – three or four of others’ content to your one piece is a good rule of thumb.

3) New opportunities arise in the cloud – but you have to make “the cloud” matter to your audience

In 2015, it becomes increasingly urgent for technology firms to not only seize new opportunities, but convey the value of their cloud products and services in terms that are clear and meaningful to their audiences.

In other words, aim to communicate how your SaaS model or cloud-based service improves your value proposition and delivery capabilities. You can’t fall back on the same industry jargon that everyone else is using: you have to show what makes your firm special – and solves your target audience’s problem.

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4) An increased focus on data security and privacy

Many consumers have grown skeptical that firms can or will effectively protect their data. The recent high-profile hacks of celebrity photos on Apple’s iCloud are just one example. Protecting your customers’ data is now essential for building brand trust, and will only become more important. In 2015, a reputation for successful security will become a brand asset.

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