IT Lead Generation Lessons From The US Golf Association

IT Lead Generation Lessons From The US Golf Association

Golf has always been a traditional sport, with its rather timeless ambiance, might be the last spot you might see digital media being used. But if the US Golf Association is any indication, we might be seeing a much more active participation of this sport in the digital. This gives us some interesting insights on the way they improve their promotions, as well as interesting tidbits that can help our own IT lead generation campaign. You might learn a thing or two that can improve your ability in generating IT leads.

The first the USGA did was to gradually expand in their digital landscape. Let us put it this way, you either create a multitude of mediocre digital and social media channels, or you just concentrate on creating one excellent channel at a time. It is the same with your IT business. If you want to be more effective in generating IT leads, take your time to build up your infrastructure.

The USGA has also shown its ability to meet the demand of its audience. Remember that recently announced iPhone app of the USGA? There were a lot of people saying that they wanted one. Heeding what the market wants through analytics and metrics is a good way for your business to identify and address market concerns. This will make your appointment setting planning more accurate.

Lastly, there is the customization and localization of the USGA’s content. By studying appropriate metrics, the association has been able to provide the right information to the right people at the right time. It is the same way for your business as well. For example, if you know how to customize your message, it become easier for your telemarketing to connect to your prospects.

Even if your IT business seems outdated, you can still compete in generating sales leads. Just follow these tips and it would be easy.