Lead Generation Trick from the Pros- Go Mobile

Lead Generation Trick from the Pros: Go Mobile

Lead Generation Trick from the Pros- Go Mobile

This generation is highlighted by mobile devices. The evolution in connectivity wouldn’t cease as newer innovations are being introduced each year.

B2B companies are leveraging these advancements in their lead generation. According to MarketingProfs, at least 49 percent of B2B marketers use mobile marketing for generating B2B leads. This only goes to show that going mobile is a necessity. Not only will it provide you with a wealth of prospects, but it can also help facilitate your lead nurturing and lead management database. Such strengths could help you gain a constant influx of sales conversions.

However, whether or not the statistic is true, there is still B2B companies that have yet to consider mobile marketing. The reasons are varied, but it is worth noting that most of these companies are new to the industry. They should learn a thing or two from the veterans in the field.

These helpful tips will surely get your lead management into full gear.


Text campaign.

Mobile service providers use this technique often. Basically, they send regular updates on new offers via SMS. Not many users have internet capable phones, so this strategy would be good in engaging B2B leads.

Simple mobile design.

Smartphone users enjoy a whole range of benefits when they subscribe to a plan. Service providers nowadays provide unlimited data subscriptions for people on the go. With this said, it is necessary to provide your online platform with a mobile suit. And this involves imbuing your sight with a design that emphasizes convenience and readability.

Lead capture forms.

In the same manner as lead generation for the web, mobile marketing could make use of fill forms in gaining important data on B2B prospects. Make sure though that your fill forms are concise, which means no unnecessary information fields and checkboxes. Aim for the name and the email address, and you could mobilize your direct marketing for lead nurturing.

Viral content.

In this day and age of enhanced connectivity, saturating your target market is as simple as posting a Tweet. Content on your social media accounts are highly shareable across various online platforms. It is just a matter of supplying your web presence with interesting and unique content. Who would want to share something that’s been reposted over and over again?

As we can see, mobile marketing has made it possible for companies to generate B2B leads with every new innovation. The introduction of the iPhone 6 and future developments could open doors to better strategies in lead management and generation.