Leveling up the Marketing for Internet Services Providers

Leveling up the Marketing for Internet Services Providers

Leveling up the Marketing for Internet Services Providers

In this day and age, very few people don’t know what an ISP is. It seems almost everyone has access to the Internet, and in one way or another has dealings with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Obviously, an ISP is a company that provides its customers or subscribers access to the Internet upon payment of a monthly or annual fee. Internet service providers give their customers with fast access speeds, high security, and customizable email accounts. They also have different services to cater to residential and commercial needs of customers.

Nevertheless, inasmuch as the business of providing Internet service to thousands of people seems lucrative, it’s not something you can try your hand at in a whim. On the other hand, if you are already in the business of providing Internet service, you probably went through a rigorous process of drawing up a well thought out business plan before starting the company.

ISP Marketing – How Hard Could it Be?

With a business plan in place, all you need to worry about is having a good marketing strategy to promote your business, right? Ideally, that should be the case. From the onset, marketing ISP seems easy: flyers or letters sent through snail mail or email, TV ads, and advertorials are used to promote a thriving ISP. Those methods work, no doubt, but more is needed. Why is that?

In the United States alone, there are countless ISPs competing for subscribers’ attention. Here are just 10 of those:

  • ComCast
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Cox
  • Charter
  • Suddenlink
  • Cable One
  • Century Link
  • Frontier Communications

Obviously, competition is stiff in this industry, and if you want to these companies’ existing subscribers to rethink their loyalty and change to a different company (yours, of course!), then you need to do more in terms of marketing.

The Challenge of ISP Marketing

Because of the cutthroat industry, Internet service providers, especially those focused on the B2B aspect, are making the scope of their offerings broader. Some ISPs have started offering software as a service, infrastructure as a service, and managed services to put them in tier of major players in the technology market. What’s more, some ISPs resort to offering low annual rates even while providing the best they can offer in terms of add-on services with the intent of luring subscribers of other companies to jump ship.

This presents a challenge to ISPs, seeing as how they need to re-evaluate their marketing strategies not only to generate new leads but also to keep their existing customers.

So how can ISPs level up their marketing strategies?

Marketing Level Up

Content is king. Brand awareness is something ISPs need not be overly concerned about anymore because they are already there. Nevertheless, by implementing a foolproof content strategy, you can assert your position as a thought leader in the industry and build your company’s name as a trusted advisor in that field.

A good content strategy will get you out there and make you visible in search engine results, but more than that, you give yourself a chance to explain your plans and services to prospective subscribers in a way they can easily grasp. Lead generation for ISP becomes a breeze if you offer information at the subscribers’ fingertips.

It’s also a good idea to launch an “email nurturing program”, which, as the term suggests, involves fostering a relationship with and taking care of recipients of your email marketing campaigns and/or subscribers of your emails and newsletters.

You might also want to join a local chamber of commerce that would put you in the same circle as other business owners in your area. All you need to do to enhance your lead generation for ISP is to attend social and networking events that the chamber is sponsoring so you can “mingle” with potential customers.

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Holding free IT courses or seminars is also a good way to market your business. You might also want to collaborate with computer clubs at universities and local community colleges. You could offer them help, teach them about new technologies, or educate them about the process of providing Internet service to subscribers. Finally, you can also offer existing subscribers a referral or bonus program. For instance, you can give them a month’s worth of free service if they refer a new subscriber to your business.

You’ll get a lot of delightful stuff here: Like Dimsums in Hawker Centers: How to Make your IT Products noticeable in Trade Shows

In the end, execution of the strategies mentioned above is still the key for a successful marketing campaign. You can also  integrate two or more strategies in generating new customers. Maybe an email sent from a prospect can be followed up by a call. You just had to try all ways to get in touch with them. So how helpful is this multi channel marketing in generating telecom leads?

In conclusion, your business doesn’t have to be at a standstill. Don’t let the competition eat you up. Level up your marketing efforts and see your ISP business flourish.


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