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Man Or Machine – Which Can Manage B2B Leads Better?

Man Or Machine – Which Can Manage B2B Leads Better?

As a web applications developer, it might be a challenge to generate IT sales leads from a very competitive market. Remember, there are a lot of you in the same business, and it is understandable if you have a hard time standing out. As for managing the B2B leads that you already have, this is also a challenge for your IT lead generation campaign. In order to increase the efficiency of your team, you can use two approaches: the human method or the machine method. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but they can be effective for your business. You just have to know.

For some business owners and managers, especially those involved in the IT industry, using programs or machines to interact with sales leads prospects can be enticing. Think of IVR or virtual help desks. These could increase your company’s ability to handle more people in a single day. With the use of the right program, and the issues you would raise are routine enough, then this would be smart choice for your marketing efforts. It would be perfect for your business when you constantly get inquiries from prospects that have the same questions. It saves you and your prospect the time and effort to connect with each other.

For the human factor, when most business transactions involve negotiations or less than usual conversations, it would be better if you hire actual people for your appointment setting efforts. For example, an IT telemarketing campaign would require a more personal approach in communicating with your B2B leads prospects. They would certainly not be too keen to talk to a computer. Come to think of it, for first point of contact, one always needs the human factor. Without it, you will not be able to connect with your prospects. Who wants to talk first to a computer program, anyway? As a marketer, and one determined to provide quality customer service, this is an important consideration.

It is all about understanding what your business needs and the process that it can handle. Do you want to make it easier for your prospects to get answers to their questions? Do you want to provide a more personalized approach to dealing with their problems? Are you often asked the same concerns again and again and again? Do you want to provide your prospects with another avenue to addressing their concerns, some self-help line that they can use instead of calling you? Are there other, convenient, ways for your prospects to get answer to their questions? These are just some of the things that you need to answer before you stick to what medium of communication should you be using primarily.

Still, in my opinion, there is nothing to lose if you use both. You want efficiency and personality, right? Let your telemarketers do the promotions by personally talking to prospects, and if they have questions after the initial call, they can always check your websites for the answers. Saves the time of calling you and giving you more opportunities to reach other prospects.