Marketing Experts Predict: 2014 Is the Year of Personalized Marketing

Marketing Experts Predict: 2014 Is the Year of Personalized Marketing

Marketing Experts Predict: 2014 Is the Year of Personalized Marketing

Everyone saw it: 2013 was the year of big data. This year, executives in marketing, technology, and research have spoken: 2014 will be a year of personalized marketing.

It’s easy to see why this prediction makes a lot of sense. In the past years, data gathered through various marketing campaigns were used mainly to generate reports and market insights. Today, business-to-business marketers can greatly improve their marketing campaigns by contextualizing their data to draw out deeper insights about their markets, and create more targeted and personalized sales and marketing campaigns.

In IT lead generation, personalization is seen as vital for the success of any campaign, whether it is email, telemarketing, online, or social media marketing. Case in point, a research conducted by Econsultancy and Monetate titled, “Realities of Online Personalization Report”, says a mouthful: 94% of businesses indicated that personalization in marketing is “critical to current and future success”.

The reason for this is simple: customers respond more likely to lead generation campaigns that speak directly to them. This is why data and client profiling are important in IT lead generation and appointment setting – they tell marketers how to approach their prospects by knowing who they are and what they need.

While nearly all marketers are aware of the benefits of personalization, most of them find it extremely challenging to apply it onto their existing marketing platforms. Here are a few reasons why some organizations are stuck in the slow lane when it comes to implementing personalization in their marketing campaigns:

1. Ageing company technology.
2. Lack of budget.
3. Disparate data sources.
4. Limited tactics and testing strategies.
5. Some marketers simply do not know where and how to start.

The main object of personalization is to enable marketers to make the most out of their lead generation and appointment setting efforts by putting customers and their needs right at the center of their sales and marketing strategies. When campaigns are personalized, marketers are more likely to deliver what their clients need, which results in better conversion.