The Best Marketing Gimmicks for Internet Service Providers

The Best Marketing Gimmicks for Internet Service Providers

The Best Marketing Gimmicks for Internet Service Providers

“We’ll give in to your Need for Speed”

Would this do for an ISP marketing slogan?

In today’s cutthroat internet business, ISPs need to act more proactively in creating the best marketing gimmicks that sell.

Providing customers with a mere basic internet connection to be able to do standard web activities like accessing email accounts, browse or post on social networking sites or download files, are not enough to sustain business stability and continuous patronage.

ISPs need to come up with something new all the time. Something that customers would look forward and get excited with and a good reason for them to prefer your internet business over the competitors’.

Creative marketers never run out of ideas and one can do both hands and feet fingers count to name but which would be the best tactic to launch to the kind of market you serve.

At this point, some friends would like to share some proven marketing  tactics.

NetEqualizer has tips to make ISP business more profitable:

net equalizer

A customer base that you can handle

If you’re a startup ISP, it is wise to initially maintain a decent number of customers of around 500. However, a demographic research would help you gather the most important data that would show you a clear picture of who would be the most qualified customers for your business – profile your customer base as to how many of them would you be able to serve efficiently, know their buying behaviors in order to keep up with their needs and demands and keep your data accurate like phone numbers, social networking accounts and email addresses, for nurturing purposes. Learn more how we create targeted business list for IT!

All-round the clock tech support

Make it known to your customers that you are like a shoulder for them to cry on – all the time. Of course,  this would mean you hiring the most qualified professional technical staff who has the same business goal with you, otherwise you’ll end up dealing with piled issues that may lead to failed service.

Easy payment schemes

Gone are the days where customers would have to travel miles just to brick-and-mortar stores just to pay bills over the counter. So, provide your customer with accessible payment sites and design a billing/payment program that’s tailored according to their financial capabilities like bank transfers, POS, on-line/web or payment kiosks.   

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Small Business from suggests do more customer engagements:


Get to know other businesses in town

You may join  your local chamber of commerce and get to know other businesses in the community. This way, you’ll be able to personally promote offers like discounts and perks and won’t have to go through the agony of doing several follow up calls and long email trails just to get a “no” or “maybe” for answers. This is also a way of profiling your target customers, in-person. Learn more how to get targeted on marketing.

“Referrals” Means More Customers

Referral programs are rewards for customers. So design a neat referral program with enticing rewards that your customers could hardly ignore like “refer a friend and get freebies” or “refer a business fly to Bali”. Referral gimmicks don’t have to come complicated like raffle draws, just let your customers do the extra marketing on your behalf and award them outright.

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Callbox, is not an ISP provider but if you may, has one substantial tactic to suggest:


The Content Legacy Continues

You’re an internet provider so it’s plain to say that you are very well-knowledgeable of the benefits of the internet to people, especially to businesses, so take advantage of it yourself.

A well-thought story or informational collaterals like flyers and case studies about your ISP business, sent out both to your current and target customers can do a lot of PR and brand awareness.

A cogent content can instill deeper and more comprehensive understanding about your products/services in the minds of your customers. All you have to do is position the WIIFM for your customers:

  • Benefits they can get like speed and space for data.
  • Savings like bundles that are less priced but with the same component with competitors’.
  • Reliability like prompt action upon technical issues

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Also, slogans on outdoor led/billboards displayed along the highways can serve a double purpose – market and entertain – just make sure it has a strong recall with a stroke of sublime messaging:    

“The internet is like a life extension medicine or machine for humans – breathing halts when there’s no internet access  ………………………………… (ooops, just got reconnected, sorry) then breathes again.”

Don’t you commit these common marketing mistakes!

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