Marketing: How to Convince Prospects to Move to the Cloud



So how do you convince a prospect to avail your cloud product?


We found this article and for the most part of it, it discussed how to persuade a customer in shifting into cloud accounting software. To start, one must lay down the benefits, cost effectiveness of the product as well as the whole experience. First hand experience is recommended.

The author, Sandi Smith Leyva, emphasized that it is compulsory to arm yourself with a list of benefits of cloud accounting. It will be best to explain the pros and cons in a way that you’ll be giving prospects more basis in weighing their decision before the purchase. More than just a marketing or sales person, you should be a trusted adviser.

Be sure not to commit these few cloud marketing mistakes.

Here’s a list of general benefits to get you started:

  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Backed up on another machine (however, you still need to do backups)
  • No need to install software upgrades
  • No expensive server infrastructure or labor required
  • More secure than files on most client’s desktop PCs
  • No need for you to transfer files back and forth anymore between client and bookkeeper and CPA and QuickBooks consultant, including the related backups, restores, YouSendIt files or whatever you use. This benefit, alone, could be the deal-maker!
  • The hosting and software license fee can be paid monthly, so there’s no large initial investment. If you’re hosting a desktop and already have a license, that license can be transferred to the cloud, so that piece has already been paid for.

Add the software-specific features the client get, as well as benefits you’ve experienced, so that you will have a complete list.

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Exploratory Meeting

To better explain how cloud accounting is different from the way your clients are doing accounting now, you may want to create a diagram or find a piece of cloud marketing collateral.

Help the client make a good decision by listing the benefits and asking the client to put a dollar value on each one. This will get the client excited about what they will be gaining by making a change. Be sure to list tangible and intangible benefits, although it might be difficult for the client to put a number on the intangibles.

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Present the costs and see if the value proposition is there. Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Let the client decide whether the move is right for them and give them an idea of the steps involved. Be sure to include everything they’ll need to do and the time it will take.

Training is an important step. Even if the accounting software stays the same, there are interface issues that will be different, such as taking a backup, emailing and printing from the application, and interfacing with other applications, including Microsoft Excel, Outlook and others.

Put your prospects’ shoes on. If your in the position of buying the product, what are things you want to consider before purchasing?


Generate the qualified and targeted customers for cloud software.