Marketing your VoIP Products to SMBs


Marketing has gone complex and the very culprit would be technology – advanced technology. But despite the tough competition, marketing professionals have become even more aggressive in creating and recreating tactics by using different tools and strategies.

Marketers are now able to reach their target customers via different channels like email, web, mobile, postal and the most common of them is voice. The voice channel has even evolved into many phases and poses many feature benefits to customers. Customers can now make a purchase, inquire about a new product or get their service fixed with just a press of a few numbers on computer keyboards or a single dial on their mobile phones. This technology breakthrough is VOIP, and VOIP providers round up the process by using the other marketing channels to market their products and services preferably the web channel.

Here are some of them:

8X8 Global Cloud Communications

In their Solutions page, prospects can easily see the benefits of their product which emphasis on its feature Unified Communications Suite and cost. They provide prospects with a straightforward marketing approach through some CTAs for request a quote and ROI calculator.

8X8’s marketing approach is leveled with the their target market’s business character where transactions are done in a not-too complicated process and where cost differences matter.  .


Cisco on the other hand, promotes their VOIP products through customer education. They very well understand that there are still many SMBs that are quite reserved towards using VOIP in their business. However, Cisco is doing a good job with this marketing approach where it’s making customers understand the importance of unifying communications systems to streamline the work process for small and medium businesses. They do not directly promote Cisco products perse which appears to be a consulting-like approach but give the prospects ample knowledge and understanding that the information and benefits written for customers to learn about VOIP are mainly offered by Cisco.


Digium flaunts their latest product and utilized the power of content video to inform prospects on how VOIP can help and improve their business. The options that they offer on how customers would want their VOIP systems set up is an effective marketing approach since they give customers the power to maximize their buying capabilities.


Ooma calls its prospects attention by shouting out quality and the services beyond the regular VOIP systems unification features like supporting IP Phones, Analog Phones and Mobile Phones. They also have a video ready on their homepage which makes it easier for prospects to spot check on the features and benefits of their products


Polycom knows exactly what the modern buyers want to know and how these modern prospects behave or their buying behavior perse, so they have an autoplay video of their VOIP products and services with emphasis on collaboration features. Also, having partner Microsoft on their homepage attracts more prospects to believe in their business capabilities and their existing customer to trust them even more.

Polycom is also very keen on keywording in their contents which makes them very searchable in the web


RingCentral projects a savvy image of who they are and the products they offer. Straightforwardly, they provide CTAs for prospects on pricing and demo. Aside from flaunting the hundreds of thousands of customers they have served, the free trial offer is also an eye-catcher! No wonder they ranked as the number one VOIP provider for 2016

VOIP providers offer the same basic solution to customers – communications system unification. But how these VOIP companies provide service an extra mile to their customers differ. Take a look at who have best marketed their VOIP products and provided the best customer service in the VOIP Services Top Ten Reviews for 2016.


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