More Features Does Not Translate To More IT Leads

Think about it, how many of you in the information technology industry have felt that adding more features to your products will attract more B2B leads to your firm, making your IT lead generation campaign a success. Actually, it is the opposite. When we talk about human nature, especially in terms of IT sales leads, the less features, the simpler the operation, the more attractive it becomes to prospects. Sure, people like you and me might like to tweak here and there, but in general, people by nature do not like to fiddle too much with things. So that you will be able to do your telemarketing work successfully, you need to offer a product that answers a lot of needs, while being simple at the same time.

Simplicity is beautiful. Let no one contradict that. Simplicity in the information technology industry is a premium. Think of Apple’s iPhone. It is simple enough to use, but you can be sure that it carries a hefty price tag. Compare it to the competitors; the iPhone is a real serious player. This is also the same thing with your business. IT leads are best generated by firms that can offer the best solution with the least number of knobs, dials, and buttons to press. Business prospects want fast solutions, and simplicity can provide fast solutions.

Think about it. Your business can benefit if you can simplify your process and your products. Sure, it may take you time to do it right, but the rewards in the end are great.