The Pages of Success How to Run a Successful IT Telemarketing Campaign Part 1 and 2

Pages of Success for IT Telemarketing Part 1 & 2

The Pages of Success How to Run a Successful IT Telemarketing Campaign Part 1 and 2
Unlike other industries, telemarketing for IT requires both creativity and technical skills.  Tech market is a hard game to play so expect that it won’t be a smooth sailing escapade. Row your boat and catch every fish. Once you master the curves, surely you will drive leads into your pipeline.

‘Challenges may come along, but those can be countered, and preventive steps can even be taken before these challenges range up to the worst.’ says Vivien, Callbox Marketing Manager

But for now, here’s a two part in focus discussion on how to run an IT campaign from Callbox.

Part 1 “The Best Laid Plans”

First, let’s talk about the Kick-Off meeting.

 Among any other verticals, Kick-off meetings for IT campaigns require more time and points to discuss. So make sure that everything is well laid out, understood and agreed by both parties.

The Campaign objective –  specify your appointment preference whether a phone or office, the number of appointments that you can take in for a day, the time interval between appointments, and the specific timing for each meeting.

The Database Criteria – Know your exact target location. Identify ZIP codes, city, or state, as well as industry type, size, employee size or annual income.

The Target decision maker – Commonly targeted decision makers for IT campaigns are IT Managers/Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Finance Managers or anyone who is in charge and makes decisions for their IT system set up in the company.

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Part 1 entails about preparing everything you need to kick off your campaign, from the list to the calling script you will be using. Now you’re ready for the real thing.


Part 2 “The Naked Face”

Communicate. Speak. Ask questions. Answer queries.

When ideas are conveyed clearly, actions will be performed correctly.  Any assigned task, like running an IT campaign, requires team work and collaboration of ideas. For an IT telemarketing campaign to run productively, we must closely work our ideas and efforts together to be able to put up a fair and smooth project run.

The Target Numbers

We very well understand that your business has specific targets to achieve and we are engaged with the same goal.

Beyond the Success Call Criteria

During the campaign run, there could be instance/s when we would uncover exceptional leads. These are leads that deviate the set criteria but have weight on quality of interest that is quite hard to defy.

Appointment Details

Appointments are set based on either your calendar or the prospect’s preferred timing.

Open all lines of communication at all times as this will ensure that everyone is on the same page on campaign status updates, reports and action plans.

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