Promoting Tech Products- Three Aspects of B2B Telemarketing you Wouldn’t Want to Compromise

Three Aspects of B2B Telemarketing you Wouldn’t Want to Compromise

Promoting Tech Products- Three Aspects of B2B Telemarketing you Wouldn’t Want to Compromise

Telemarketing is no easy task, but B2B marketers know better than to exclude it from their lead generation and appointment setting campaigns.

As you might have guessed it, telemarketing continues to provide effective results for companies from various industries, particularly the IT, software and tech industry.

There’s really no question as to the value of cold-calling to businesses selling products from computers to anti-virus software. MarketingProfs has even listed telemarketing (along with trade shows, inbound sales and emails) as a highly effective tactic for acquiring high quality leads.

But the reason why it so darn difficult is its sensitivity. Prospects don’t share the same mind when it comes to choosing appropriate IT and tech solutions to their enterprises. Expect them to react in different ways over the phone.

This leads us to the importance of establishing bridges using words and phrases that highlight three important aspects of a successful telemarketing call.

In a artice by Matt Ford, these are:

  • Budget: Budgets are sensitive topics and asking about them can provoke some prospects into penny-pinching mode. However, just being afraid of that will deny you important facts like what the average budget is in your target market. Even at the risk of rejection, how can you pass up knowledge that will help deliver more cost-effective offers?

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  • Need: If you think that a prospect has no need for your products or services, you might as well shoot yourself in the foot. Now. If you’re that depressed that you have no faith in your business, then why are you marketing it in the first place? What happened to market research? You don’t have enough facts? Get them as you call. Like budget, rejection is but a delay and it won’t stop you from trying again after knowing what they’re really looking for.

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  • AuthorityAre you afraid that you’re pitching the gatekeeper? Will your script fail to impress someone in a high position? The point of confirming a prospect’s authority is actually to save time. If you already determined a budget and a need, why would you still be intimidated by their position? Put it in another way, why worry about it when it will only tell you if a person will give you that information?

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Need a helping hand in marketing your IT products and services?

While you can always consider updating specific components in your campaign, you might also opt to hire an all-in-one marketing solution from a company that efficiently handles IT and tech lead generation.