Psychological IT Lead Generation- 3 Ways to Influence Buyers

Psychological IT Lead Generation: 3 Ways to Influence Buyers

Psychological IT Lead Generation- 3 Ways to Influence Buyers

Suppliers of IT and software solutions are always finding ways how to market their products well. They can’t risk being content with just one IT lead generation and appointment setting strategy. As far as we know, the B2B market is highly erratic.

There’s no telling if a buyer will still consider purchasing your solution tomorrow!

Marketers need to learn how to adapt well to this kind of atmosphere, where buyer perceptions change as easily as Apple rolls out new versions of the iPhone.

The first effective thing to do is for IT vendors to know how their audience ticks. If anything, customers are not like computers or software you can modify to your advantage. Every buyer decision is based on organizational biases over which you have no control. It gets even more complicated when you’re targeting an audience of a thousand decision-makers as diverse as a bag of jellybeans!

Considering that it’s utterly impossible to control buyer behaviors, the only thing left to do is to guide them into making the purchase.

You would need to go deeper into the mind of your audience. But before you purchase one of those Pasiv dream machines from the film Inception, you better check out these cost-saving strategies first.

Phone surveys.

Market research strategies are an excellent way to extract vital customer information you can use to make better messages. In particular, phone surveys are popular in their own right for giving precise approximations about a potential prospect’s preferred features in an IT product. The results however depend on the questions you are going to use in conducting the surveys.

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Go visual.

Most of the time, IT buyers are an emotional lot, buying products based on presentation rather than pragmatic observation. You can capitalize on this by creating effective demand generation campaigns via social media and blogging. There’s no guarantee of a purchase just yet, but at least you have their attention. With a telemarketing and email campaign, you can build their interest long enough to consider a purchase.

As an added tip: Provide your blog with personally relevant and unique content.

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Watch your analytics.

Make sure to watch online metrics such as conversion rates, bounce rates and web conversions. Set these as your KPIs and aim for realistic campaign goals. It would be easier for you to optimize your campaign components and adjust accordingly to the interests of your target audience.

Seems like these strategies are better left said than applied, huh?

Not for a company that has been handling IT lead generation services for 10 years now. It has understood everything there is to know about maintaining sales efficiency no matter how intense the industry changes.


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