Run Your IT Company Like Steve Jobs

Believe it or not, you can run a business even if you do not have knowledge on how to write software programs. While a lot of investors and even people in the information technology industry believe that programmers should be the only ones to run the company (supposedly because only programmers know what can be done, how much it will really cost, and the like) there are still other factors that need to be considered. One of these is in IT sales leads. You may have the hottest software to sell, but if you do not have business leads that will buy it, then it is useless.

I like to think back to the Apple I. Most people will think that Steve Jobs invented it. No, he did not. Apple I was the brainchild of Steve Wozniak, Jobs’ business partner and engineering genius. Wozniak was only interested in showing off what turns out to be the prototype of the modern computer, but it was Jobs who realized that it can be sold. Let detractors say that this episode only shows how important programmers are, but what can be even more important is someone who knows how to sell the product and services developed.

Developers can code all they want, but if they do not have someone who can convert their work into cash, then it may be wasted effort. Clearly, they will need someone with an eye for the market who are good with IT appointment setting work with business prospects and in telemarketing. And it is also clear that these marketers do not necessarily have to have the mind of a programmer.