Smart Ways to Generate Quality Leads for Disaster Recovery Solutions

Smart Ways to Generate Quality Leads for Disaster Recovery Solutions

Smart Ways to Generate Quality Leads for Disaster Recovery Solutions

Providers of disaster recovery (DR) solutions know all too well what their clients want. Ever since data loss and system downtime became threats to operational continuity, businesses are willing to invest in advanced DR solutions as a way to maintain efficiency and lessen the high costs of recovering affected data.

To offer a recent development, the need for sophisticated DR services proves to increase each year as data security becomes a highly important issue associated with profitability.

In a study by, about 97 percent of business owners say they are currently implementing a DR program. Furthermore, 31 percent are planning to use a new DR strategy some time in the future. As they plan to update their products to meet this demand, suppliers of DR services opt to develop more effective methods to search and acquire the leads that need such products.  

It is a given fact, however, that IT lead generation is not an easy task as it demands a great deal of time and effort. Hence, smarter solutions can be harnessed in terms of locating, nurturing and setting appointments with interested parties, such as:

 Audience Segmentation.

It is important to group one’s audience based on certain categories: company size, budget, and location. This allows more focus to be directed at prospects with high sales potential, in addition to reducing the likelihood of wasting resources on the wrong people.


Research needs to address important issues prior to the implementation of a lead generation strategy. What channels are most effective in reaching out to potential clients? What is the best way to communicate the advantages of backup storage plans to a decision maker? Tackling these questions can help in creating relevant messages that generate valuable responses.

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Verifying Contact Information.

Everything there is to know about an IT lead can be acquired via its website. However, email addresses and telephone numbers need to be checked and verified, or completely deleted from the database if they turned out to be outdated. A quick internet search or a telemarketing call can aid in the confirmation of contact data.

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Minimized Techi-ness.

When facing a prospect, communicating the value of the solution is much more important than using a lot of industry buzzwords to sound “credible.” People already know if a DR product is right for them if its value is presented clearly enough.

Without an effective marketing plan, acquiring an IT lead is a matter of sheer luck – perhaps, a one in ten chance of ever happening.


While you can use these smart strategies  generating IT sales leads you can also further your chances with a IT lead generation company that knows a thing or two (or even more!) about the industry.