Social Media Impact On App Marketing: Practices To Follow [GUEST POST]

Social Media Impact On App Marketing: Practices To Follow

Everyone of us know the power social media holds for the branding of apps. It connects, it reaches easily to everyone and the biggest benefit, it is GLOBAL! When something goes global you could easily guess the power it holds for the good of a brand. Not only the brand gets universal but also acquires the advantage of word of the mouth branding without doing the actual efforts for it.

The giant social media platforms like Facebook is no doubt an exceptional network but the podium can only benefit if you know the “how to” of the same. There are some well-proven mobile app marketing practices that could help bring the limelight, the condition being you practice all the essentials as prescribed by the experts. To help you gain expertise on the same, we are presenting a list of the best practices as a guide. Let’s walk together to know the hacks.

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Prior to discussing the practices, let’s have a look at the benefits of app marketing through social media platforms. Such platforms,

  • Offers a perfect option with segmenting options
  • Are cost-effective for every business
  • Are global that makes app branding possible at a fraction of cost
  • Help gain interests of millions of users


The Dos and Don’ts of App Marketing Practices on Various Social Media Platforms


  • Share relevant images: It is advised to use real & relevant images of your app screenshots. Using screenshots of your app in the real world context will help to connect more and more users with the app.
  • Hashtags are important: Hashtags are important on Instagram and it is important to use relevant hashtags that match perfectly with the app context. It helps to market your brand.
  • Short videos on Instagram: High-quality short videos work really well on a platform like Instagram. It is an exceptional chance for a brand to showcase the best feature of services, products or an app. 

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  • Use “call to actions”: Appropriate call to actions can dramatically increase the traffic on Facebook. Knowing the appropriate areas of placing the call to actions will help to increase the traffic.
  • Know the targeted audience: Knowing your target audience is always beneficial. Reaching the right audience is essentially important to get the right traffic at your platform.
  • Circulate relevant content: It is important to know your app niche and educate your audience in the same domain. Circulating relevant content also holds importance to get the attention from the right kind of audience.

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  • Hashtags work on Twitter as well: Hashtag on a news amplifies its reach. Add hashtags to your app features prior to sharing it on different platforms. It is sure to add on to the app’s reach.
  • Don’t stuff too many hashtags: It is advisable to use 1-3 hashtags to improve your app discovery. Additionally, it is a big NO for stuffing too many hashtags for the app discovery.
  • Make your Tweets rich: In order to focus on implementations, it is advisable to make your network rich by sharing social media content. You can ask to retweet your messages as well. 

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 A look at the Practices to Embrace

Promote Your Content Through Incentives

Giving incentives to the users is a way to promote the app through word of the mouth practice. When users feel awarded, they are sure to talk about your app with others unknowingly indulging themselves in the app marketing. Nevertheless, rewards are only going to influence the users when the app features meet their expectations. And, for the same, it is advisable to work on exceptional app features so that users would like the apps. A user-friendly application is sure to attract the users.

Use Content that Engages Audience

We are in an age where content drives the sale. In case, you are offering something that is of users’ benefit you are sure to be rewarded with their attention. Personalized content is more likely to drive users. A piece of content that matches with user’s persona is likely to be read and shared unlike a paragraph curated without the research. The content must be written in a way that readers should take something away from it. It is advised to know the target market and the users’ interest.

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Developing Personal Tone in the Content

Developing something with personal tone doesn’t mean making it professional. Content that has its own voice impacts the users to a greater extent. Research a bit about your users and try to focus on a tone that seems personal to them. Let users involve in the content as much as possible. Content that seems personal has the potential to get users’ attention. Using examples in the content is a way to convince users for a product or service that you sell. Through social media, content can reach a larger audience base.

Response to the Users Comment

The users are the real business assets. Welcoming their feedbacks would help your business be loyal to them. It’s the best way to gain the worth for your business and become responsible towards them. Feedbacks, if seem positive should always be implemented into the business in order to reward the users. Additionally, involving the users in the business is always going to benefit the growth of your business, which again is for the benefit of the business. Talking your business closer to the users would help to add exceptional benefits to the same.

The Wrap Up
The role of social media platforms has certainly changed over the years and today it has become more of an opportunity for the businesses. Using the platform for mobile app advertisement would exceptionally help to take your services to a new horizon. Unleashing the power of social media in a business is sure to offer it exceptional growth and thereafter some impressive business results. In addition to it, practicing the well-known social media marketing trends written-above will help to bring growth to your app marketing business. Additionally, it is important to practice tips according to the kind of social media platform you are using to target the audience.

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