Telecom Firms: Who’s the TOP 10 Telecom Tweeter?

It’s 2016 and almost everyone is on twitter now. Who else is not? Even eskimo does tweet.

Twitter enables businesses to draw attention of their prospects through regular tweets, accessible information of promos and latest released products. No wonder that it has become a booming marketing platform for telecom start ups and business giants.

According to Lauren Dugan, “Traditionally, telecommunications meant phone lines: now it means voice, data, video and other multimedia communication services. As we are increasingly embracing digital communication, it makes sense that the providers of this infrastructure would take to Twitter to sway us towards their products.”

As telecom industry evolves so is marketing. Some of these telecom companies made creative use of twitter. Aside from maximizing 140 char self promotional tweets, it has also become a good place to get feedback and complaints. Thus, providing customer quick responses and actionable solution to their problem improves customer retention.

Indeed, twitter has potentials in generating new telecom customers as well as retain the old ones.

The infographic created by Adam Eckhardt proves how these Top Telecom Firms maximize their efforts on twitter, gain followers and free publicity on social media. So what’s next? More Leads?


Take a peek on their successful transition.


Telecom Firms: Who's the TOP 10 Telecom Tweeter?


Key takeaways:

  • Siemens  got the top for having 750 tweets that max out Twitter’s 140 character limit.
  • Cisco Systems has, by far, the most followers at 90,239 and they just started out in 2008.
  • The next most-followed brand is ShoreTel with 11,348.
  • HootSuite and TweetDeck are the two most-used platforms to send tweets.


Social media is still in hype and will continue to change algorithm and features, the reason why marketers should be more receptive to these never ending evolution and most importantly, become more open for newer technology.

Source: Top Tweeters In Telecommunications [INFOGRAPHIC]


Social media is just one of the marketing channels you could use. Employ multi channel marketing approach to your marketing and get more telecom leads! Email. Connect. And talk to your prospect.